Our Compelling Advantages

Acquiring highly-demanded profession in complex with perfect knowledge of English 

Dual degree programs with foreign university partners. Two diplomas in 4 years in the chosen major

Leading Russian and foreign professors and exerts from the USA, Iran, China, India, Vietnam, Australia

Free of charge exchange programs with more than 80 foreign university partners 

Three foreign languages (English, Russian or Chinese) 

Rich cultural experience in multinational groups with students from all over the world

Variety of creative and sports activities

Comfortable dormitory with single and double apartments equipped with all the necessary furniture and kitchen and bathroom appliances 

About us

Baikal School of BRICS is a training platform for leaders which will head companies and national structures in Russia and BRICS countries’ regions in the future

Baikal School of BRICS was founded in 2018. The training at the School is delivered in the English language. Having earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the international students will acquire education of high quality being surrounded by English speaking group mates from Russia, Brasilia, India, China and other countries as well.

Students who successfully complete their education will be awarded diplomas of the Russian national standard, while some of the graduates will earn second diplomas of foreign partner universities.

Starting from the first year, distinguished Russian and foreign professors will provide the students with new topical knowledge and skills, deliver master classes and business training sessions, develop analytical thinking and teach to apply projects approach to the solution of the tasks which they are faced with.

The School is mostly focused on BRICS countries and growing economies, as these countries have already shown high growth rates of their economies by now, and continue to exert more influence on the world political order. They are to become undisputed world leaders in the near future.

Baikal School of BRICS is a training platform for leaders which will head companies and national structures in Russia and BRICS countries’ regions in the future. They will be competitive and broad-minded professionals due to their training in the English language which gives them the opportunity to get information from abroad as well as to make partnerships with foreign companies, enterprises, and state funds. But the most important thing is that they will be built into global information flows thanks to professional terminology and expertise.


  • Teaching future leaders of innovations from BRICS countries:
    — Experts in “green” economics, engineers-technologists with the knowledge of eco-standards;
    — Economists and managers equipped with the knowledge of economics and peculiarities of BRICS countries;
    — Experts in future innovations;
  • Scientific work as a “think tank” working out ecological, energy, economic and business innovations;
  • International integration with the world’s “think tank”, creation of new technologies and solutions enabling to rise labor productivity and the quality of life as a whole.

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