INRTU and Henan Polytechnic University will launch courses in Chinese language and Tai Chi

INRTU and Henan Polytechnic University will launch courses in Chinese and Tai Chi. A delegation from Henan Polytechnic University (HPU) visited INRTU on September 23. The foreign guests met INRTU administration, visited the School of Subsurface Resource and Baikal School of BRICS. The representatives discussed the prospects of cooperation in the field of academic exchange, and signed an agreement to launch a course in Chinese and Tai Chi.

At the meeting, Rector Mikhail Korniakov emphasized that he was especially pleased to host the delegation from the technical university at INRTU. INRTU was established as the Mining and Metallurgical Institute more than 90 years ago. It is symbolic that subsoil use was the sphere with which INRTU and HPU made the first steps towards cooperation. Moreover, the universities develop cultural exchange. For example, in 2023, Irkutsk students attended Tai Chi lessons at the Summer Camp of the Henan Polytechnic University. INRTU students also participated in the online project Meet Henan Online Camp, making a virtual trip around the campus of the Chinese university. The students got acquainted with national cuisine, music, ceramics and martial arts.

Rector Zou Yufeng told about the history of his university. HPU is located in Jiaozuo County, Henan Province. Founded in 1909, today the university has more than 40 thousand students and 23 faculties in its structure. Zou Yufeng named subsurface resources, electronics and power engineering as the strongest points of his university.

"We interact with more than 100 universities around the world, including INRTU. In 2019, our HPU academic delegation visited INRTU as part of the XVII World Congress of the International Union of Surveyors. Three representatives from Henan Polytechnic University are continuing their master's degree studies at INRTU, mastering surveying and geodesy. The purpose of our visit today is friendship consolidation, student and teacher exchange projects development", - noted the rector.

During the meeting, the parties signed an agreement to launch Chinese language and Tai Chi courses. Tai chi is a martial art and philosophy that originated in Henan province several centuries ago. In recent years, Tai Chi is becoming more popular in many countries as a health-improving gymnastics. Within the project, INRTU and HPU plan to prepare a series of video lessons and offline seminars for students, INRTU staff, as well as Irkutsk residents. The classes are proposed to be included in the list of university optional courses.

Rector Zou Yufeng emphasized that in October INRTU will host the Week of Chinese Culture, which will include Tai Chi training. HPU will support the Russian university in organizing the event.

Alexey Shevchenko, Head of the School of Subsoil Use, joined the conversation. According to him, INRTU continues to follow the traditions established in 1745 by the Navigational School - the predecessor of INRTU. That is why mining and geodesy are fundamental directions at the university.

Furthermore, specialties related to ecology and mineral processing are being actively developed. Interdisciplinary teams in cooperation with foreign partners are also created, including those from China.

Vice-Rector for International Affairs Stepan Bykov thanked his Chinese colleagues for the meeting. He expressed confidence in further strengthening cooperation in science, education, sports and culture.

"In October, the INRTU delegation will go to China for the World Congress of the International Union of Surveyors. I hope that during the trip we will be able to meet you again," added the Vice-Rector.

Following the visit, HPU officials presented INRTU students a silk scroll depicting the sights of Henan Province. The picture will decorate the "Beijing" hall at Baikal Institute of BRICS.

Photo by Arseny Chekmaryov and INRTU Press Service