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As an INRTU student, you have an opportunity of a lifetime exploring Irkutsk city and the greater region of Irkutsk to broaden your perspective about the culture of the Siberian people.

Irkutsk region

Irkutsk city

Irkutsk is modern city with unique architecture, special atmosphere and lots of interesting places to visit. There you will find numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and malls, green gardens and scenic promenades, theatres, museums, art galleries, libraries and of course friendly residents.

According to the Russian Weather Service 1, the climate in Russia is becoming warmer, so the famous Russian frosts are now a rarity. Unlike many Western and Eastern countries, central heating is on in all houses and public buildings during the winter season. Heaters also work in public transport during the winter months. When you are in your dormitory room, in a classroom, on the bus, in a cafe, museum or any other public place, it is unlikely you will get cold. However, we suggest taking your winter and autumn clothing seriously. Resisting the Russian frost is not about fearing the cold, rather about dressing warmly. In autumn you can do with a light coat or a raincoat, but in winter you will need a warm coat and boots, a cap and definitely gloves.

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Mustvisit places in Irkutsk region

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