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Do I have to pay an application fee?

Yes, you will need to pay 3000 rubles organizational non-refundable fee when you are going to pay for the training.

Until what time will you accept applications on the deadline date?

Applications are accepted on the deadline dates until 17:00 IRKUTSK (GMT+8).

Can I apply to multiple graduate programs at once?

You can apply to up to two undergraduate and graduate programs in the same application.

In what language is the Foundation program taught?

The foundation program is aimed at helping foreign prospective students to master Russian language (up to B1 level) to study at a Russian university.

From 15 to 20 academic hours per week, on the average, are devoted to teaching Russian.

You will also study the subjects related to your future degree program which are also taught in Russian.

When is the application deadline for Foundation program?
  • Foundation course (10 months) starts on October 01, open enrollment is until August 15.
  • Foundation course (10 months) starts on November 01, open enrollment is until September 15.
  • 6-month Russian language course starts on January 20, open enrollment is until November 30.
  • 6-month Russian language course starts on February 20, open enrollment is until December 15.
  • 4-month Russian language course starts on April 22, open enrollment is until March 22.
  • 15-month Russian language course starts on April 22, open enrollment is until March 22.

Russian language courses are launched when there are more than 15 people in a group.

What other funding options do you have for this program?

You can pay in instalments. It is a standard procedure when students pay the tuition fee either for 1 semester or for 1 academic year. Please note that the payment should be done before the official start of classes. It is also possible to pay the tuition fee for the whole period of study.

Is there any scholarship for international students?

Unfortunately our university does not provide any scholarships. The information about Russian Government scholarship can be found here.

Can I enter degree programs without exams?

It is necessary for students to take the entrance exams in any case in order to be admitted to the bachelor's or master's program. The type of exam depends on the program you want to enroll in.

What can give me the Foundation program?

The foundation program develops your mastery of knowledge of the Russian language, relevant for your daily interactions and in case you enroll for a Russian medium course. The program also covers general disciplines (Economics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology & Social Sciences) depending on your intended future major. At INRTU, we guarantee you delivery of a quality and affordable foundation program.

What is the cost of living in a student dormitory?

There are 19 dormitories on campus. The cost of living in a standard type of a dormitory is 800-1500 RUB per month for shared spaces accommodating 2-3 students and 7500 RUB for single or double sectional placement options.

What is the cost of a medical insurance?

The cost of medical insurance is 5000 RUB per year.

What are other payments upon arrival?

Multiple visa - 2 000 RUB

Medical examination – 5 000 RUB

Medical insurance – 5 000 RUB

Fingerprinting – 2 500 RUB

When can I expect an admissions decision?

You can typically expect a response within 5-10 working days. 

When does the semester start? When are vacations and holidays?

It depends on the type of the program:

  • Russian-taught programs – September 1
  • English-taught programs – October 1
  • Foundation course (10 months) – October 01, November 01
  • 6-month Russian language course – December 01, February 15
  • 4-month Russian language course – April 24
  • 15-month Russian language course –April 24
Can I transfer to INRTU from a different university?

Yes! You can find all the information regarding transfer admission here: Transfer from another university

How do I find out if my documents have been accepted?

You may check the status of your documents in your online account or email us at admission@istu.edu to check if your documents have been processed or not.

Does INRTU conduct foreign document recognition or or do I have to address to a respective authority body for recognition?

We do recognition procedure ourselves. The process lasts from 3 to 7 business days.

Can I choose my accommodation?

No. Accommodation is assigned to you automatically. You cannot choose or change it before coming to Russia.

What is document legalization?

Legalization makes documents suitable for use in another country. Documents that can be legalized include civil status documents, court orders and diplomas. Legalization shows that:

  • • the document was issued by a competent and expert authority;
  • • the signature, seal and/or stamp on the document are genuine;
  • • the document’s format is correct.

More information can be found here.

Is legalization of education documents required for admission to INRTU?

The issue of the need for Legalization / apostilization of documents is decided after a preliminary examination at the university level.The question of the necessity and choice of the type of legalization (consular legalization or apostille) is decided after a preliminary examination at the university level.

If required, you may legalize and submit your completed documents to the university in advance, as this may hasten your application review and enrollment process.

More information can be found here.

How can I legalize my documents?

There are the following procedures for legalizing documents:

  • Consular legalization.
  • Apostilization
  • Legalization with the Chamber of Commerce.

NB: Where a state is not a signatory to The Hague Convention, consular legalization is required. This is a more complicated procedure.

More information can be found here.

What is document nostrification?

Nostrification is a standard procedure for recognizing and confirming the validity of a document on the formation of a foreign state in Russia.

Nostrification is carried out at our University for free.

Where can I make a notarized translation of documents into Russian?

Notarized translation of documents into Russian can be done in Irkutsk upon arrival, or in Russian Embassy / Consulate located in your home country.

What is an Apostille? What is the use of apostille?

An Apostille is simply the name for a specialized certificate, issued by the Secretary of State. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic so it will be accepted in one of the other countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Foreign documents certified with an apostille are recognized in all member countries of the Hague Convention and don’t require any other form of certification.

More information can be found here.

What is the difference between consular legalization and apostille?

Consular legalization applies to countries that have not signed the 1961 Hague Convention.

This procedure is done in the country in which the document was issued.

Consular legalization is a more complex and long-term procedure compared to apostilization, as it includes document certification with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then at the consulate of the country of destination.

More information can be found here.

Where can I make an apostille?

The Apostille Stamp is applied in the country of issue of the document.

This is the responsibility of the authority, which is determined by the countries that are parties to the Hague Convention of 1961.

You can determine the responsible authority for each country on the website of the Hague Convention of 1961.

Do I need translation of an apostille?

No, you don't. The translation is required for the document itself, which is certified by the apostille. The translation must be notarized.

What is consular legalization? What is the procedure for consular legalization?

Consular legalization is required if documents will be used in the territory of a nation, which is not a member of the Hague Convention.

More information can be found here.

I received an invitation, what are my next steps?

First of all, you need to apply to a diplomatic institution of the Russian Federation (consulate/embassy) in the territory of the country where you reside to obtain a student visa. Then you need to purchase tickets to Irkutsk and send them to your admission manager so that the university representative can meet you at the airport or railway station on the day of your arrival in Irkutsk.

You can also read more about the further steps in our pre-departure guide

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Can I work while studying?

According to the law of the Russian Federation from August 5, 2020 foreign students are allowed to work without a permit if they meets three criteria:

- he or she is a full-time degree student(bachelor's degree, master's degree, post-graduate);

- the higher education program of is accredited by the government;

- work is carried out in student’s free time.

Students of preparatory Russian language courses are not allowed to work in Russia.

Do you offer fully funded scholarship?

Students can receive a grant to study in Russia from the Russian government. To apply please read the information here.

We do not offer scholarships for Russian language preparatory courses.

A student can get a full scholarship by winning the first place in some university academic competitions. In addition, students can receive a partial scholarship based on the results of their entrance exams when applying for a degree program.