Internship and Work

Employment for international students

International students have the right to work in the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the Law about the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation, foreign students do not need to obtain a work permit. Some companies have restrictions on employment of foreign citizens, but as a rule, the absence of citizenship is not an obstacle for employment.

Your advantage in finding a job can be your knowledge of the Russian language, confirmed by a certificate of passing the international exam to determine the level of Russian language proficiency.

There are two ways to find a job, either at a university or with a third party company:

1. Jobs at INRTU

Where can one look for vacancies at INRTU?

- Department for Temporary Student Employment. Opportunity to get additional earnings from 25 000 rubles.

- INRTU page on Head Hunter  

- Personnel Department tel. 8 (3952) 40-50-47, office I-213a

2. Jobs in external organisations

Where can one look for vacancies?

Opportunities offered to you by the Careers Centre:

  • Participation in career events organised by the Career Centre in cooperation with partner companies
  • Fill in your portfolio in your personal profile which is integrated with platform, as potential employers will view it and you can also generate a CV and post it automatically on
  • Show your best during your internships by demonstrating your knowledge, skills and abilities acquired within the walls of the university.
  • Follow the newest vacancies and career news on the Careers Centre's social networks: VK, Telegram, Facultetus 
  • Use it when looking for a job:
  1. "Work in Russia" website
  2. Online platform of the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Irkutsk Region 
  3. Career Time 
  4. HeadHunter  
  5. Superjob
  • If you have a good command of foreign languages, you can try seeking work in a language school, especially if you have language certificates to prove your knowledge of the language.
  • Fill in the Graduation Questionnaire in your Personal Office after you have finished your thesis.

You can call us by tel. 8 (3952) 40-50-57 (Employment, career services), tel. 8 (3952) 40-56-90 and 8 (3952) 40-52-13 (internship) or write to

What documents do you usually have to provide when applying for a job?

  • a passport or other identification document and a copy of it with a translation;
  •  a mandatory pension insurance certificate (Social Insurance Number);
  • TIN, registration and migration cards,
  • contract (policy) of voluntary medical insurance valid on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • a certificate from the university that you can prove you are a student,
  • other documents at the employer's request (educational and qualification certificate or criminal record certificate, for instance).

INRTU has a centre for international services if you need help with translation, accompaniment or other issues.               tel. 8 (3952) 40-59-76, office I-208

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