Application process

Make sure that you meet the special criteria
Сheck out and choose INRTU partner university with which the direct cooperation exists

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Determine the source of funding

Study at a foreign university during all the period (one semester or one academic year) is free, but you meet the additional costs such as: flight to the country of the partner-university and back, domestic travel, visa, medical insurance, accommodation, meals and your personal expenses. Find the information about cost of living in any country of the world via or in our Brochure.

Fill the Participant Application Form

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Agree your departure to a foreign university with your Department
  • Order a certificate stating that you are an INRTU student. The certificate should contain the dates of admission and estimated graduation.
  • Order an extract from of the transcript of records
  • Order the presentation from the department
  • Write a personal statement

Please, do not hesitate to contact the International Office Team for the help in filling out the documents in Russian.

Prepare the documents at the request of the partner host university

The requirements for the package of documents are different in each university. You may need to make:

  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Motivation letter
  • Transcript of records, translated from Russian into English and confirmed by an INRTU International Office coordinator.
  • Proof of the language proficiency
  • International passport (copy)
  • INRTU student certificate

Check this information with the partner host university site or the International Office specialists.

Apply for a visa

If you are a foreign student and are currently in Irkutsk, when planning to obtain a student visa to another country, you need to:

  • apply to the consular office of the country in the territory of the Russian Federation to which you plan to travel (in case of refusal, you can contact the consular office of your country) 
  • apply to the INRTU International Office for possible advice and assistance 

Basic steps for obtaining a student visa: 

  1. Find out the list of required documents at the consulate 
  2. Form a complete package of documents (originals, copies)
  3. Make an appointment with the consulate (if necessary)
  4. Submit documents
  5. Get an interview (if necessary, it all depends on the country you are going to)
  6. Wait for the decision of the consulate

How long is a student visa valid?

The validity of the visa coincides with the period specified in the invitation (for the entire period of study + travel (+/- 2 weeks)) 

Cost and terms of issuing a student visa: 

The consular office of each country determines the processing time of the visa, so calculate the time for application. Consideration of documents for a visa can take from several days to 3 months. 

Documents required for a student visa:

  • International passport (main document) 
  • Visa application forms completed in the language of the country or in English
  • Invitation from the university

*Each consulate establishes its own standard list of documents that are required to obtain a student visa.

Preparing for an interview at the consulate: 

  1. Form information about the purpose of the trip to the country / university 
  2. Observe formal business dress code
  3. Be calm and confident
  4. Answer all questions

What should you do if you weren't given a student visa?

If you have incorrectly completed the documents, then correct and serve them again, do it as quickly as possible!

We wish you good luck!

Take training at a foreign university

When the visa is ready, buy the ticket and organize your tour for exchange study at a chosen university. We wish you good marks! Make the best of what you have!  Please, feel free and contact International Office Team for any questions. 

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