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INRTU productively cooperates with 153 partners in Europe and Asia; has 204 agreements on cooperation, including 90 exchange programs and 9 double degree programs with partner universities. Click the icon to learn more about the university and the program it offers.


Exchange and Double Degree Programs
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*Foreign Alumni

*Foreign alumni who graduated from INRTU for the last 10 years

Double Degree Programs
Exchange Programs

International Membership

Russian-African Network University
Russian-African Network University (RAfU) was established in 2021. It is aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the countries of the African continent by training well-qualified personnel, expand the access of students to modern technologies within the framework of educational programs and scientific and technological projects.
Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities
Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU) is a non-governmental organization composed by elite engineering universities of China and Russia on a voluntary basis.
Date of Establishment: The March 6th 2011
Working languages: Chinese and Russian
Romualdo del Bianco Foundation
The mission of the ROMUALDO DEL BIANCO FOUNDATION is to contribute to International Integration. The Foundation organizes international meetings and activities in Florence for young people through which people from different Countries and Cultures can meet, get acquainted and understand each other in order to favor mutual knowledge, friendship and hence, contribute to promoting Peace in the WORLD.
SUN – Silkroad University Network
The Silkroad University Network aims to realize its vision of serving the world by undertaking diverse projects that restore the historical value of the ancient Silk Road which has been a source of immense pride for centuries as the birth place of four major civilizations. SUN suggests that the key to peaceful coexistence and collective prosperity is to treat individual differences as a cause for celebration rather than segregation.  SUN believes that the coming together of universities can help realize this vision through fostering an exchange of ideas culminating into decisive action between intellectuals transcending national, religious and cultural boundaries. In addition, universities through education and training can create future leaders better equipped to promote peace and harmony in line with the Spirit of Ancient Silk Road).
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Exchange and Double Degree Programs
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Stories from Abroad
2023, Evgenii Borisov
The impressions from the internship are extremely positive, a huge amount of new and useful information. I think this training, personally, gave me motivation to become a more highly qualified specialist in my field. I believe that the experience gained during the internship will help me in my fur...
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