Irkutsk Polytech is at the frontier of academic and intellectual discovery. Those who venture here — to learn, research, teach, work, and grow—join nearly several generations of students and scholars in the pursuit of innovation, knowledge, and a better world.

Irkutsk National Research Technical University is a center of science, culture, and education in the Irkutsk Region. Our university challenges students to excel in the fields of nanotechnology, aircraft and mechanical engineering, energy, mining, oil and gas, chemical technology, construction and architecture, examine ecology and environmental engineering in the area with the advantageous location next to the lake Baikal, the deepest lake on the Earth, the biggest reservoir of fresh water on the continent.

Putting the importance of Baikal for the Irkutsk Region and the entire planet all above, INRTU directs efforts towards saving Baikal and its unique nature with endemic species of fish and animals and rare plants in a state of nature for future generations and protecting the lake from harmful human influence. Driven by the shared purpose of Priority 2030 leading universities of improving the image of life and work making a better world, INRTU is committed on establishing effective educational programs and doing research in the field of ecology and green engineering attracting both local and foreign students and scientists.

INRTU improves university study programs integrating the educational process and science, technology, and innovation and builds favorable environments for the development and successful fulfillment of student’s potential, helping its graduates to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today's and tomorrow's job market in the face of rapid scientific and technological progress.