Agenda 2030

Priority 2030

INRTU, one of 106 Russian universities participating in the Strategic Academic Leadership Program, has become the winner of the additional contest for the special grant of the Priority 2030 program in the field of Territorial or Sectoral Leadership among 46 Russian universities.

The university sees its mission as the integration of engineering knowledge, technology and, most importantly, human capital in its areas of specialization. INRTU has staked on two strategic projects. The first one, i.GeoDesign, is aimed at changing the principles of formation of the mining and geological industry through the university's developments in the field of smart digital geology, application of drones in geological exploration, and the university's new role in the formation of junior business.

The second project, on Digital Industrial Technologies, is related to the development of advanced production technologies and the training of qualified personnel for Russian industry in the sectors of aircraft engineering, energy, and construction. The key results of the university's program by 2030 will be an increase in the share of R&D income in the university's budget to 35% and the involvement of at least 30% of students in real-world projects. More than 40% of the university's graduates should be employed by Forbes Global 2000 companies.

About the program

The Priority 2030 program objective is to form a broad group of universities that will become leaders in creating new scientific knowledge, technologies and developments for implementation in the Russian economy and social sphere.

It is planned to form in Russia more than 100 progressive modern universities - centers of scientific-technological and socio-economic development of the country by 2030.

The universities that have become participants in the program will develop and disseminate throughout the system of higher education the best practices of research, innovation and educational activities, increase the attractiveness of life and work in the regions of Russia, including for foreign students and foreign scientists. They will help Russian university graduates to improve the skills and abilities necessary for their success in today's labor market and in the future under the conditions of rapid scientific and technological progress.

Program priorities

  • Improvement of Russia's competitiveness in education, science and technology
  • Transformation of the existing approaches to higher education and creation of a large group of universities in Russia, successfully competing on the world market of education, science and technology
  • Dissemination of the best practices of research, education and innovation activities
  • Integration of the educational process with research, technological and innovative activity of the university
  • Creation of favorable conditions for the development and successful realization of the personal potential
  • Improvement of the quality of life and creation of conditions for self-realization