Internship and Study Abroad

As part of your studies, you have the opportunity to complete studying (a semester or an academic year) abroad as an exchange student. Studying offers a good opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, meet new people and come back with lots of experiences, as well as orientating yourself professionally.

What advantages can an internship abroad offer?

Learning a foreign language
You learn a foreign language using it directly in a professional context, including related technical terms.

Intercultural learning outcomes
You experience the customs and traditions of a foreign culture up close and thus broaden your personal horizons.

Personal development
A longer stay abroad promotes character. You also learn to adapt to new, unfamiliar situations and environments.

Advantage in applying
If you have an internship abroad in your CV, you naturally have better cards when applying for a job than someone who has not completed one.

Social networking
You can make numerous private and professional contacts during an internship abroad.

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It is my great honor to be an exchange student in Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, which is an unforgettable experience in my life. I have learned a lot in Shenyang, such as getting along with others, not knowing how to consult teachers and classmates in class. It is interesting that there ...
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