38.04.02 Management

MBA: Global Management and Leadership

2 years

About the program

The concept and structure of the program aims at the training and professional development of new generation of managers and entrepreneurs with strong abilities to work in multi-cultural teams, understand the complexity of global markets and strategies, and qualified communicate in English.
The programs contents and structure correspond to the highest world standards.
It has been developed to enhance the intercultural vision and skills of internationally-oriented students management of empower them with a good understanding of international market and corporate environment, aims, objectives, challenges of international business. The program offers not only strong fundamental core in business studies, but also wide range of analytical tools that are reliable for global business.
The program targets those applicants who are eager to acquire their qualification in global management, marketing, leadership, organizational behavior, business communication in cross-cultural environment as well as to sharpen their language skills. Today many employers are interested in high-qualified specialists who are ready to solve the complex managerial tasks in light of the best local and global prac

Learning outcomes

  • Competence to develop and organize the process of internationalization in the light of economic, political and cultural particularities of countries;
  • Competence to develop and organize the internationalization process;
  • Competence to develop and organize the process of internationalization in the light of economic, political and cultural particularities of countries;
  • Understanding financial aspects of managerial decision;
  • Ability to conduct business in compliance with international laws, policies and regulations;
  • Experience in making business decisions;
  • Hard, Self and Soft Skills;
  • Wide practice of different counties experience studying, comparative analysis and benchmarking;
  • Development of the level of English proficiency;
  • Providing students with academic, analytical and managerial skills.

Career opportunities

In order to successfully obtain a Master`s degree, it is necessary to obtain a number of credits by passing internship modules. Every internship is directly related to Master`s thesis research / project. Students practice in commercial and non-profit organizations, as well as they are able to work on their own start up.
Federal and municipal authorities, small, medium and large scale companies from different industries welcome out students and allow them to choose the most interesting research area of management. Students have the opportunity to be part of an active academic and business community, with online seminars and guests. Among the companies and institutions that are going to participate in our activities are Alibaba, Pharmasyntez, METRO, and others.
The majority of our graduates will be able to work in international and domestic companies which are oriented towards global markets.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

265 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer test in Management.

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Hu Zhongxin
Students, Master of Global Management and Leadership
During the second year of study, I have the highest amount of reading time on my way to grow up. I like that this program develops my critical thinkin...
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