Modern Managerial and Project development Issues

Mastering the skills of strategic analysis, development and implementation of the organization's strategy aimed at ensuring competitiveness; Understanding of challenges both internal and external in the increasingly disruptive world due to technology, diversity and policy changes.

The goal of mastering the discipline

This course provides students an in-depth exposure to the skills necessary to manage an organization in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.  The course will explore the general history and theory of the field of management. After reviewing the theories and foundations of the management field, students will investigate and discuss the changes and challenges in today’s global marketplace.  A variety of crucial management skills will be addressed.

The skills you get

  • Understanding the role of the manager within the organization.
  • Defining the importance of being able to adapt to today’s workplace challenges by creating an adaptive organization.
  • Understanding how to conceptualize organizational needs in relation to change.

Topics covered

  • Innovation Challenges in management
  • Human Challenges in management
  • Geopolitical challenges for managers
  • Talent Risk Challenges in management
  • Stringent Environment policies and Compliance needs for the organizations
  • Contemporary Management How to Optimize the Organization

When instructed

  • 1st year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses

COOPER R.G., EDGET S.J., KLEINSCHMIDT E.J. Portfolio Management for New Products, 2nd edition, Basic Books, 2001.
GRANT R.M., Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 6th edition, 2008, Blackwell Publishing.