Empirical Research Methods in Management

Evidence-based management requires valid empirical research. In this course, students will learn the basics of research design, fundamentals of data collection and statistical methods to analyze the data acquired in managerial science research. Students are expected to apply their knowledge in class discussions and out-of-class assignments.

The goal of mastering the discipline

- Ability to formulate research questions and designing an appropriate study
- Ability to collect and analyze data using a variety of methods
- Ability to critically assess the quality of empirical research in management
- Applied knowledge of empirical methods through out-of-class assignments

The skills you get

  • Discuss the essence of ERM in management
  • Analyze the problem situation using a number of analytical tools
  • Identify and discuss the role of information
  • Describe the basic concept of empirical research
  • Identify the relevant methods for ERM in management
  • Establish effective research process and Create effective research proposal
  • Make effective decisions and identify the differences between research and managerial problems

Topics covered

  • Introduction to empirical research What is research? Defining research objectives Selecting a research design Identifying different research methods
  • Designing a research proposal Understanding how sampling works Using quantitative research methods Using qualitative research methods
  • Completing a research project Analyzing research data Reporting and communicating research findings

When instructed

  • 1st year, 2nd semester

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