International Management Marketing

This course equips students with the tools and terminology to explore and understand different marketing practices in a global environment. Students will learn the scope and challenge of international marketing management, the dynamic environment of international and global business, business systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and finally, the ways to develop and implement global marketing strategies. This course is designed to provide students with the latest understanding of global issues, competitions and the necessary skills in making strategic decisions based on a global perspective.

The goal of mastering the discipline

The course is designed specifically to integrate the core concepts of marketing management with concepts of international business. One more aim is to develop knowledge and understanding of key issues associated with international marketing management, skills in researching and analyzing international marketing opportunities.

The skills you get

  • describe the nature of international marketing management and its value for modern business with particular emphasis on the globalization of modern business;
  • understand how companies adjust their international strategies based on the global environmental changes;
  • explain the basic concepts, principles and practices associated with international marketing management;
  • know extant tools and practices of international marketing management;
  • analyze international marketing situations and make appropriate decisions;
  • build communication and teamwork skills through the group project and case studies.

Topics covered

  • 1. Introduction to international marketing management. Importance of global and international marketing.
  • 2. Marketing Management Global Environment. The influence of macro-environment on market selection.
  • 3. Motives to internationalization. Analyzing and targeting global marketing opportunities.
  • 4. External, internal and situation analysis. Industry and competition analysis.
  • 5. Understanding consumers behavior. Consumer decision process. Expectations and risks.
  • 6. International Marketing strategy. Market entry modes.
  • 7. Specific international issues affecting the 4Ps: Product / service analysis, development and standards Pricing strategy Distribution strategy Communicating and promoting strategy

When instructed

  • 2nd year, 1st semester

List of references and sourses

Hollensen S. Global Marketing. - Prentice Hall, 2012.
Tanner J., Raymond M. Marketing Principles.