Future power engineers, economists and managers study on exchange program at Beijing Institute of Techology (China)

Students of B BRICS are involved in international exchange program at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Seven Polytech students with a major in «Power Electrical Engineering», «Management» and «Economics» went to the university for a semester.

Beijing Institute of Technology is a leading university in China (28th place), included in the TOP 100 in the world in 23 research areas. At the institute, you can obtain a bachelor's and master's degrees by studying in English-taight programs in mechanical engineering, energy, robotics, economics and law. Students also choose IT technology, chemistry, astronautics and others.

According to the head of INRTU International Office, Nina Berngard, an agreement on exchange programs between the two universities was signed in 2023. The important event was preceded by online classes for INRTU students:

"We first started cooperating with BIT when INRTU students were invited to participate in winter online Chinese language schools. At that time it was complicated to go to China. After the opening of borders, cooperation between universities has intensified. This summer, students finally visited Beijing for an educational intensive. The partner university also provided online course for those who could not attend it in person".

Student Lyubov Tambaleeva had vivid impressions of her trip to China. According to her, the lessons were held in a playful way; BIT organized master classes on kung fu, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and the creation of theatrical masks to get acquainted with the culture. The most memorable sights were the Great Wall of China, the Summer Imperial Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Shadow Theater.

Nina Berngard added that the students were interested in the opportunity to participate in exchange programs at BIT. In September, seven students from the BRICS Baikal Institute went to China.

"In universities of China the academic year begins at the same time as in Russia with the onset of autumn. Students are already attending classes in selected disciplines and additional activities. In their free time they explore the sights of Beijing. As part of the cooperation between INRTU and the Beijing Institute of Technology, students have their tuition fee waived; as a bonus from the partner university, this year students were provided with free accommodation in a dormitory,” noted Nina Bernhard.

Students Danil Volygin and Denis Vsevolodov will improve their skills in the fields of energy, mathematics, electronics and robotics. They say that they study in a multicultural environment.

“At  Beijing Institute we met students from Poland, Germany, India and countries of Africa. Together we have already walked along the Great Wall of China and appreciated its beauty.

During our first classes at the university, we noticed the high level of mathematics teaching, which will greatly help us in our future profession,” Danil Volygin shares his impressions.

The International Office informs that until November 14, 2023, application period for the spring semester is still open. If you have any questions, please visit room I-303b.

Contacts: +79086609773 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber), mobility@ex.istu.edu