INRTU presented promising projects to the experts of the Create@Alibaba Cloud startup contest

INRTU presented four promising projects at the Create@Alibaba Cloud startup contest. This year the International Digital Economy Tournament was held online on September 10.

The Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest is a global technology competition that identifies promising startup teams and innovative scientific projects.

In the spring of 2019, INRTU and Alibaba Cloud Group signed an agreement under which INRTU is the only representative of Alibaba Cloud Venture Fund in Russia.

According to Ivan Timofeev, Head of the university’s Transfer and Technology Center, this is a large-scale startup project that allows young developers to promote their ideas:

Representatives of many cities from all over the world take part in the competition. The event is considered to be Olympic Games in the field of venture capital.

INRTU specialists chose the most promising out of 10 innovative projects to participate in the contest.

Roman Kononenko, Head of the laboratory of hardware systems and software of computer technology, demonstrated a robotic complex for automatic welding of nonrotating ring welds to the experts. The robot is equipped with a video camera for remote monitoring of the welding process.

In addition, INRTU students took part in the contest. They introduced a microclimate control device, which belongs to IoT (Internet of Things). The leader of the team is the future robotics engineer Maxim Popov:

Our device allows us to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the building. The information is shown on a display with large segment indicators.

It should be noted that this development was highly appreciated at the UMNIC-ON hackathon. The students' project was also awarded a grant from the INRTU Academic Council.

Within the framework of the competition, the Agency for Digital Economy Development from Novocherkassk presented the «Irii» project. This service will allow farmers to sell goods online, keep records of income and expenses, and monitor the harvest. Employees of ITSumma presented BIG DATA platform.

According to Ivan Timofeev, Russian projects attracted the interest of the Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest expert committee:

Foreign colleagues are ready to continue partnership with INRTU. They are planning to involve representatives of state and corporate sectors. It will strengthen INRTU’s brand as a hub for innovation development