How does INRTU promotes more sustainable commuting?

Environmental sustainability becomes increasingly relevant issue in today’s world. Universities provide important help to society, taking into account their role in encouraging students and the community to sustainable commuting through education, ecological programs, operations and etc.

INRTU promotes all staff, faculty, and students to commute and to move around campus using alternative transportation methods that reduce the use of fossil fuels. The University supports sustainable commuting by implementing a transportation program which aims to reduce vehicles on the campus territory and to motivate the university community to use alternative transport.

The number of bicycle parking spaces on the territory of INRTU campus has been increased. Some students and university staff choose to come to the university by bicycle and the amount of these people is growing year by year. For example, in 2020 there were about 100 of them.

This is due to the fact that Irkutsk city is developing urban cycling and every year new bicycle paths are opened in the city. In 2019 e-scooters became very popular and a lot of bicycle and e-scooter rental points have appeared in the city. Thus, an availability of environmentally friendly vehicles has increased. The university is preparing a project within the concept of spatial-planning development of the INRTU campus that involves the installation of bicycle and e-scooter rental points on the campus territory.

In addition, there are public bus, trolleybus and tram stops within walking distance from INRTU. Dormitories are also located within walking distance. Many university staff and students prefer to walk to the University, or use bicycles and scooters. Using alternative transportation schedules can help to reduce a «carbon footprint».