The results of the National Olympiad of Russian Federation in German language were summed up at INRTU

The School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication summed up the results of the Russian National Olympiad in German language. The intellectual tournament was held in order to increase the motivation for learning German among the students of non-language universities, to develop their intellectual and creative abilities and improve their intercultural competence.

The online stage, which was held on April 10-15, aroused the interest of students from Irkutsk, Omsk, Kaliningrad, Abakan and Khabarovsk universities. The participants demonstrated their skills by completing various tasks designed to suit the level of German language proficiency - for students starting and continuing to study German.

The second stage of the Olympiad took place on April 27. 21 winners of the first round showed their intellectual and creative abilities in German.

The task "Speaking" implied a statement about one of the aphorisms on the topic "Teaching/Education", and the task "Writing" was dedicated to a favorite teacher/lecturer.

The work of the Olympiad was supervised by Elena Avdosenko and Galina Ageeva, Associate Professors of the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Elena Avdosenko reported that more than 100 students who study German at the universities of the Russian Federation showed interest in the event.

"For several years there has been a tradition in the country: each year is assigned a specific theme. The year 2023 has been declared the Year of the Teacher and Mentor in order to raise the prestige of the teaching profession and to recognize the special status of mentoring. That's why we developed contest assignments related to the teaching profession.

It is gratifying to note that the Olympiad participants wrote and spoke very warmly about their favorite teachers and professors. Great Goethe was right saying that people always learn only from those whom they love", - said Elena Avdosenko.

BI BRICS student Nikita Vashchuk, who took the first place, shared his impressions:

"Participating in Olympiads of this level is always a great experience for personal development. The first round was quite easy for me, but the reading task was big and complicated. I liked the second round more - the organizers planned the preparation time correctly, so I could calmly prepare and demonstrate my skills in speaking.

The written task, which involved the description of a favorite teacher, did not cause me any special difficulties and allowed me to achieve an excellent result.

I have a big experience of taking part in such tournaments, and I can safely say that the National Olympiad in German organised at our university was excellent. As for the German language, I think it deserves to be supported and developed at our university! And Olympiads like this are a sure means of motivating students to study it. Personally for me German has always been, is and will be one of the important aspects of my future.”

Sidenov Amgalan, a first-year student of the School of High Technologies, became the silver medalist of the Olympiad. He said that he had been learning German since the second grade:

"My first teacher could be called Frau Puls, who worked in Ulan-Ude under contract. Then I continued my studies under the guidance of Irina Dmitrievna Trofimova. Exactly to her I owe my German B2 level and my DSD II diploma.

With great pleasure I took part in the Olympiad competitions. The second round was a "tough nut" for me.

I am grateful to the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication for the opportunity to show my German language skills.”

Yulia Ponomareva, a first-year student of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, performed the tasks in the category for beginners. She appreciates the modern format of the Olympiad:

"I was very impressed by the friendliness and responsiveness of the organizers and the jury! It was my first time at the Language Olympiad and I had a positive experience."

Summing up the event, the organizer of the Olympiad Galina Ageeva noted that all participants coped with the Olympiad tasks with dignity

"German is not the easiest foreign language for non-philological students to learn. Suffice it to recall Mark Twain's statement that a person not lacking in ability can learn English in thirty hours (excluding pronunciation and spelling), French in thirty days, and German in thirty years. Our "Olympians" easily disproved this thesis by demonstrating a very decent command of the German language.

Congratulations to the winners of the National Olympiad in German language among non-language universities!"

List of winners:


1st place - Daria Alexeyevna Shulgina, DSb-22-1 group of the School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design of IRNITU

2nd place - Elizaveta Nikolaevna Kolodina, DSb-22-1 group of School of Architecture, Construction and Design IRNITU

3rd place - Maxim O. Plyaskin, GRb-22-2 group, School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design IRNITU


1st place - Nikita Alekseyevich Vashchuk, EMB-20-1 group, BI BRICS

2nd place - Amgalan Bairovich Sidenov, group IFb-22-1 of School of High Technologies of IRNITU

3rd place - Maria Antonovna Adamova, Zh-22-1 group of Baikal State University