Students of the INRTU preparatory department completed the intensive Russian language course

The BS BRICS building at Irkutsk Polytechnic University hosted the awarding of certificates to foreign students who had studied the Russian language at the preparatory department. The prospective students were welcomed by the teachers and the school administration. Foreign students received documents confirming their mastery of the additional general education program "Intensive course of the Russian language".

Within six months, 25 citizens of Afghanistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Cote d'Ivoire, Benin and the Republic of South Sudan studied at the INRTU. Because of the pandemic, many had to study remotely in their home countries for the first two months. Nevertheless, all the students did well in the program and some passed their final tests at B1 level. They also took maths and elective subjects, generally opting for computer science, social studies and biology. Students will soon decide on their undergraduate and postgraduate options.

According to the head of preparatory department Svetlana Latysheva, foreigners are interested in different majors. For instance Africans show a special interest in information technologies. According to them it is Russia that trains personnel for the IT-industry. This orientation is also connected with global digital trends.

Anna Kirienko, Director of BS BRICS, congratulated the foreigners on completing the course. She briefly spoke about the majors of the school, discount system, conditions of enrollment and accommodation on campus, peculiarities of multicultural linguistic environment.

Anna Kirienko presented the Bachelor's programme Finance and Accounting. The program is supported by Shandong University, one of the largest state universities in China. Students who choose this major will be able to go to China for an internship or choose a double degree.

Elena Loktionova, Daria Khlebovich, Vlada Starostina, Vadim Loktionov and Konstantin Suslov, representatives of the management and teachers of the Baikal BRICS School, addressed warm words to the students.

Setung Undertaker Kanyama Yousif was awarded the certificate of completion of the course. The young man is a native of the Republic of South Sudan, a state formed 12 years ago in central Africa. According to Setung, the Russian government offered him a quota for studies, and he gladly took advantage of the opportunity. He arrived in Irkutsk six months ago. Setung admits it was difficult for him to get used to the Siberian climate and to establish communications: 

"Nevertheless, thanks to the friendly environment and the teachers' help, I gradually adapted. In the summer, I'll be taking my exams to enrol in the INRTU Bachelor's program to become an aircraft engineer".

Cyr-Cesar Kore is from Côte d'Ivoire. In his home country he was educated in the field of electronics. He planned to continue his studies in Rostov. Due to certain circumstances he chose Irkutsk. Cyr-Cesar intends to spend the next years in Irkutsk. He hopes that at INRTU he will be able to pick up a master's program related to his first profession.

As Svetlana Latysheva added, in the new academic year foreigners will be offered courses lasting 6-10 months. If necessary, undergraduate students will be given the opportunity to take an additional intensive course in Russian language. The course will last one semester.

In addition, in the coming autumn the curriculum of the BRICS Baikal School will for the first time include compulsory study of Russian as the first foreign language. This rule is especially relevant for those who grew up in English-speaking countries, e.g. Nigeria. Such students will need additional social adaptation in Russia.