Baikal School of BRICS master's students took part in a research seminar

The first series of research seminars for first-year master's students is taking place at INRTU. At the end of April, international students of the BS BRICS presented their results in the field of digitalization and Big Data.

According to Konstantin Odnokurtsev, head of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, from 2023 all master's programmes at Technical university will include a research seminar in their plan. It is aimed at forming research competences in undergraduates, engaging them in science and developmental work.

"Most of the programs include a seminar in the second and third semesters. The first stage of training includes introductory lectures and an introduction to the university's core research areas. Then master's students study independently in consultation with a tutor. At the end of each semester they present their results in front of an expert committee. In spring they submit a literature analysis and a research plan. In December INRTU students defend the results of their research in the form of an article," said Konstantin Odnokurtsev.

The first to defend their research plans are the first-year master's students in the programs "Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence", "Logistics Management and Traffic Safety", "Enterprise information systems", etc.

Masrter's students from Nigeria and China gave presentations last Wednesday. The seminar was led by Stanislav Grigorev, Associate Professor and Head of the Data Analysis and Data Governance Center.

Master student Williams Akinwumi Akinsola is developing online security solutions for public transport in Nigeria. The system will use artificial intelligence. The author intends to collaborate with partners in China and South Korea. He will use the experience of researchers at the Beijing University of Technology and Ajou University.

By February 2024, Williams plans to develop a common user interface for mobile and web-based solutions.

A project at the intersection of "digital" and medicine was presented by Ren Fangjian from the People's Republic of China. The research involves identifying the stages of sleep by detecting electrical signals generated by the human brain. The author aims to automate the process of studying sleep quality using neural networks. Underscoring the relevance of the topic, Ren cited statistics as an example. According to government reports, 26% of Chinese citizens suffer from sleep disorders and 38% do not get enough sleep. Meanwhile, the average sleep duration is 6.8 hours. At this stage Ren has analysed the reference literature. The goal for the next six months is to write algorithms to build neural networks. 

As Associate Professor Stanislav Grigorev noted, the authors of the reports have done serious work. 

They have studied the market of available solutions and technologies in Irkutsk region and in the cities of their countries, which will enable them to establish scientific and business contacts when preparing their master's theses. In addition, the master's students have made project roadmaps. 

"International students are very interested in internships at Russian enterprises. That is why it was so important for them to study industrial opportunities in the IT field. The Masters students are at the very beginning of their research journey. We really hope that the seminar has strengthened their interest in science," said Stanislav Grigorev.