The results of the inter-university Olympiad in economic theory were summed up at INRTU

The Department of Economics and Digital Business Technology summarized the results of the interuniversity Olympiad in economic theory at INRTU. The intellectual tournament, held on the 19th of April, attracted 30 students of Irkutsk Technical University, Irkutsk State University and Russian State University of Justice (East-Siberian branch).

The competition is supervised by Irina Zedgenizova, assistant professor of Economics and Digital Business Technology Department. She reported that the participants were offered to solve four difficult tasks: 

"We have developed interesting tasks for children, which reflect topical problems of economic theory.

The contestants demonstrated excellent skills, with the leaders Irina Kobets and Tamara Khandilyan fr om the Moscow State University scoring the maximum amount of points. It is gratifying that Maria Rusova and Olesya Volosatova, INRTU students, were among the three winners"

According to Irina Kobets, she was recommended to take part in the tournament by Svetlana Aleksandrovna Golik, lecturer of the Economics and Trade Policy Department of the Moscow State University: 

"I liked solving the competition tasks. One of them asked me to list the Russian economists who were ahead of European Nobel Prize winners in their research.

The most memorable part of the competition was the one on which I had to deduce the formula for the relation between the labour intensity of farmers and their household structure. My good knowledge of mathematics helped me do it: I am combining my university studies in commerce with tutoring in the subject."

Second place went to IRNITU student Maria Rusova and Anastasia Kurgan from ISU, who scored 20 points each.

Svetlana Zaikova, a student of PSU, and Olesya Volosatova, a sophomore of the Institute of High Technologies of IRNITU, scored 15 points each.

"I am mastering quality management program at INRTU. I decided to take part in the Olympiad to test my knowledge obtained during the economics classes. I managed to cope with all the tasks easily, except for the third one, wh ere I had to list the positive and negative effects on economic development", shared her impressions student Olesya Volosatova.