INRTU students got the second place in the Autumn Cup of the International Engineering Championship CASE-IN

 Our fourth-grade students of oil and gas major: Evgeny Strizhakov, Nikita Bulanov, Semyon Tarariev and Konstantin Selyangin have proposed an effective innovative and technological solution of selecting an energy company that would be a“ growth point ”for one of the regions of the Russian Federation. They believe that creation of fodder protein through bacterial fermentation of associated petroleum gas, in particular, methane is the promising way.  

  The first place was given to the team of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Mr. Gubkin (Moscow), and the third place was given to students of the South Russian State Polytechnic University named after Platova (Novocherkassk). The all winners of three teams will be given certificates to study at the Synergy business school, the right to free admission to the master's program at Tomsk Polytechnic University, and they will also receive a presidential grant.