The second graduation of Masters in Management was held at the BS of BRICS

Eleven graduates presented to the State Examination Commission the results of their research on relevant aspects of management of international organizations. The graduates showed an authorial approach to conducting their work.

Mou Shou’s defence on «Corporate culture challenges in the wake of Covid-19» aroused great interest. The author focused on controversial issues concerning the understanding and purpose of corporate culture in turbulent times. Mou Shaw focused her empirical research on the practices of corporate culture change starting from March 2020 and linked project solutions with the development of a program aimed at an in-depth study of the phenomenon.

Another study related to the consequences of the pandemic was conducted by Lyudmila Bashkirova on «The impact of the world Covid crisis on small business: strategic alternatives for Russian market participants». The members of the attestation commission were interested in Ludmila’s work, which was carried out using a large array of international statistics.

A number of papers were devoted to applied problems of international management. Xu Zhinan researched «Challenges of shared cars service: Chinese companies' cases», Han Yasyuan — «Iproving the ability of enterprise customer relationship management (Shanghai Quanyi Express co., Ltd. As an example)», Alina Chupina — «Architectural firm’s development strategy in the circumstances of changing consumer preferences», Chen Shasha — «Marketing strategy for translation companies».

The State Examination Board included representatives of the BS BRICS industrial partners: Anna Ovsyannikova — manager of educational programs for training and education abroad, Vitaliy Khartsiz — acting Deputy Director of Logistics on Purchasing at Irkutsk cable.

The presentation of each graduate qualification paper provoked a discussion. The graduates demonstrated not only the acquired professional competencies, but also a high level of English, which was noted by the chairman of the committee, Maria Kurna, a leading specialist of Sberbank PJSC.

The graduates from Russia and China noted that the program was an unique experience for them, enabling them to apply for jobs in international companies, develop their own businesses and continue their own professional development.