Candidate of Sciences (PhD), Historical Sciences


Education, degrees
Historian, teacher of History, Irkutsk State University
The experience of the archaeology of the North-Western Plateau of Northern America (basins of rivers Columbia and Fraser) and its relevancy for archaeology of the Neolithic sites in Cisbaikal Region, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Upper Paleolithic of the North-Eastern Asia and Northern America, Texas A&M University, Center of the Study of First Americans




2006: University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada): 2 month research trip as part of Baikal Archaeological Project. The aim of my research was to study the experience of the archaeology of the North-Western Plateau of Northern America (basins of rivers Columbia and Fraser) and its relevancy for archaeology of the Neolithic sites in Cisbaikal Region (See Tetenkin 2007 in Publications). 2013-2014: Fulbright grantee at the Center of Studying of First Americans at Texas A&M University, College-Station, USA.

Professional Interests

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SPIN-RSCI: 2596-7834