54.05.01 Monumental and decorative arts

Monumental and decorative arts

Bachelor's (5 years)
6 years

About the program

Specialization "artist of monumental and decorative painting" involves activities that are addressed to specific conditions of the architectural environment.
Artists of monumental and decorative painting are able to carry out the integrated development (design) of the pictorial environment of both individual architectural structures and large ensembles, create works of monumental and decorative painting, as well as works of easel painting and graphics. The objects for the embodiment of creative ideas can be the interiors and exteriors of large public buildings, such as theaters, banks, train stations, stadiums, hotel complexes, rehabilitation centers, rest houses, clubs, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Learning outcomes

  • Ability in: traditional methods of work in academic painting and graphics are combined with new technologies in monumental and decorative art. The educational program involves conducting part of the practical classes in the creative laboratory, where students master new technologies: fusing, glass bending, hot enamel technique.
  • Knowledge in: academic and special drawing; academic and special painting; design; basics of composition; color theory; technology and materials of monumental and decorative painting (mosaic, stained glass, artistic textiles, icon painting, sgraffito, etc.); computer technologies (3Dmax, Corel, Photoshop)

Career opportunities

You will be able to work: as specialists in the fine arts of state and commercial design enterprises; open your own creative art workshop; to create projects of decorative furnishings for interiors and exteriors of large public buildings, structures for individual construction and independently execute them in the material by means of monumental and decorative painting in technique: mosaic, stained glass, sgraffito, tapestry, artistic textiles, painting, decorative relief; work in icon painting workshops; to conduct pedagogical work in schools, colleges, higher educational institutions.


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Fees and funding

281 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian or provide CEFR level B1, TORFL level 1 or equivalent to the Russian-taught program.

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