Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Currently it is a part of the Institute of Information Technology and Data Analysis. Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science was established in 2020 on the basis of Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science. The Department of Mathematics was established in 1930 simultaneously with the formation of the Siberian Mining Institute. It provided teaching a cycle of mathematical disciplines in accordance with the federal state standard in the directions of training bachelors, specialists and masters implemented in INRTU. The Department of Computer Science was established in 1998. In 2009 it was joined by the Department of Information Technology. The first head of the department of Informatics was Prof. Valeriy Lomtadze, PhD. The head of mathematical and natural science disciplines, Professor Vladimir Voronov took an active part in the establishment of the department. The department developed the original system of computer ranking in higher mathematics and implemented it in the educational process, as well as computer input control of mathematics skills for first year students.

Key personnel

Teaching staff

Research projects

  • Mathematical simulation in automobile transport diagnostics
  • Investigation of the structure and dynamics of complex molecular systems by high resolution NMR multinuclear spectroscopy and computational chemistry
  • Quantum computer
  • Modeling of anisotropically strengthening elastoplastic medium
  • Current issues in higher education
  • Evaluation of quantitative parameters of snow cover monitoring to assess the results of environmental protection activities of enterprises

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