Nanoelectronics project was developed by an INRTU student Nikita Svinkin at Winter School of Alferov University

А third-year student of the Institute of High Technologies Nikita Svinkin joined a Winter School of the Saint Petersburg National Research Academic University of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Alferov University).

A practice-oriented intensive course was held on March 28 — April 2.

Experts evaluated Nikita Svinkin’s CV and motivation letter. The INRTU student was interviewed in the format of a Zoom conference with the curators of the Winter School and supervisor of the laboratory where he planned to work. The mentors were interested in the scientific background and general level of knowledge of potential participants.

Excursions and educational trainings were organized for students who successfully passed the qualifying stage.

Participants visited the cabinet-museum of the Nobel Prize winner in Physics Zhores Alferov as well as laboratories where nowadays scientists synthesized and analyzed nanostructures, conducted DNA descriptions.

Lecturers of the Alferov University gave students overview presentations on Biology, devoted to DNA analysis and microbiology. Nikita Svinkin was interested in Physics lectures:

«With special attention I’ve listened to a lecture on Semiconductor Physics and Hall effects, because they have a direct relation to my training major. I'm studying nanotechnology and microsystem engineering in Irkutsk National Research Technical University. I liked that the School pursued not competitive, but educational goals. The participants presented high-quality projects. It was a good experience.»

Nikita worked in a team with the students from Yekaterinburg, Kursk, St. Petersburg and Moscow on the project «Modern Nanoelectronics: Mainstream, Affordable Nanostructures, Science for $ 100».

Young researchers have created a photoresistor by low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis. Having studied the surface of the element, they integrated it into an Arduino-based electrical circuit. The students wrote a program that reads the voltage from a photoresistor and gives a response to the level of illumination in the room. They designed and printed a sensor in the shape of a pig on a 3D printer, conducted tests and presented a model.

«The photoresistor reacts best to ultraviolet light. The device can be used in children’s medical institutions during quartering of premises. A loudly screaming pig will warn the child that entry is prohibited, more effectively than a sign on the door," Nikita told about the practical application of the development.

In total, 12 projects were presented during the Winter School.

As a part of the cultural program, the participants visited the most remarkable sights of St. Petersburg. Nikita Svinkin was impressed by the performance based on Vladimir Nabokov’s play «The Event» at the Theatre on Vasilievsky.