Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after V.G. Smagin

Our department appeared in 2017. Nowadays it provides train-ing for students in Design and Monumental and Decorative Art (painting). Design students study General Theory, Basics of Design and practical skills of both principles of artistic creativity and specific types: environmental design (interiors, small architectural forms), graphic design and costume design. Students of our department learn to work with various types and techniques of monumental and decorative painting: mosaics of different types, stained glass, graffiti, tapestry, master a new technique of fusing. Graduates of the department are subsequently able to work both in large forms (decoration of building facades) and in interiors.

Key personnel

Teaching staff

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
6 years
Training period
4 years

Research projects

  • Design
    Design of the subject-spatial environment with the development of landscaping and equipment systems; Design projects development for residential and public interiors; Color environment study and cultural stereotypes of the region; color in Architecture, in the modern subject-spatial environment; Festive products development, decorations and fragments of the subject-spatial environment for the city enterprises etc.

  • Corporate image and communicative design as factors of identity formatio
    Corporate identity as an identification system: development of corporate identity of municipal enterprises and commercial firms;
    Corporate design - a system of identification signs of the environment and urban culture, a form of identification and identification;

  • Advertising and ad. technologies as part of the city reality, means of creating the environment and urban communication, a way of visual impact on the target audience; Development of website projects for private companies and public institutions;
    Photo projects and the study of techniques of artistic reflection of the subject-spatial environment, etc.

  • Artistic and design culture development of the Siberian region and individual cities
    Traditional cultures of the region as a means of cultural identification of the region and identification resources, traditional life support systems; family culture - a model of the existence of norms in the conditions of cultural conservation;
    Provincial design is a part of the artistic and design culture of the region;
    City brands - identification signs/systems, a modern way of identifying a place;
    The image of the city as a system of cultural identification, ensuring the cultural stability of the territory, forming the artistic appearance and positive image of the "place";
    Systems and attributes of identification of the subject of the environment; clothing as a system of identification of the subject and his self-awareness in the corpus of cultural norms and ideas, as one of the systems of self-determination and a way of self-identification of the subject.

  • Monumental and Decorative Art
    Design digitalization and technological process when creating works of monumental and decorative art:
    Introduction of digital technologies into the educational process: Diploma design, Fundamentals of Art Production Expanding the palette of materials. Improving the performance quality of the work: appearance of fine detail, accuracy of execution, vandalism
    Reduction of deadlines
    The use of the possibilities of using modular techniques on the floor surfaces

  • Creative space
    A cycle of art exhibitions, conferences, master classes aimed at developing professional foundations and creative methods of monumental and decorative living in the higher education system of the Irkutsk region.

New releases

Pulp-Nord Management Company
The company provides a range of construction services and finishing works from the development of a design project to turnkey delivery of residential and civil facil-ities, low-rise and private housing construction.

Outstanding graduates

Natalia Burkot
project "Lefkadia Valley" / Designer-decorator
graduate of 2002
Dmitrii Dorokhin
INRTU, Institute of Architecture, Construction and Design, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after V.G. Smagin / Head of the Department
graduate of 2005
Taisiya Kaigorodova
Nehera SK s.r.o. - fashion house Ne-hera, / Sourcing manager
graduate of 2008
Natalia Kuznetsova
Head of the Nata Kuznetsova Interior Design Studio / Head of the Studio
graduate of 2004
Ksenia Lustikova
Drama Theater on Vasilievsky / Poster artist and advertising manager
graduate of 2013
Igor Malkin
design studio NODESIGN / Art-director
graduate of 2004
Maria Tambovtseva
Melon Fashion Group, Sela brand, (St. Petersburg)) / Designer of children's clothing
graduate of 2008