INRTU hosts the first exhibition of free contemporary art

Robert Gutsul, an employee of "Art Premier", is the creative inspirer of the event. According to him, the goal of the project is to introduce creative people and viewers, to help the citizens expand the boundaries of perception and discover new aesthetic sensations. Especially for this purpose, professionals and amateur artists were gathered at the Polytechnic.

"INRTU was chosen as an exhibition site first of all because it is the center of attraction for the creative youth of the region, especially the beginning designers and architects. Modern free art is a specific and conceptual phenomenon. Even a specialist with the appropriate education and experience finds it hard to fully understand the author's idea. That's why we asked the participants to attach a description of each work. It is available in a virtual exposition on VK.

By the way, on the opening day of the exhibition visitors wanted to buy some of the works. It shows that local artists' works resonate with the public," Robert Gutsul said.

Maria Syroezhkina, a teacher at the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, supported the initiative. She took care of contacts with artists and volunteers, selected the location, and invited students to participate.

The exhibition was set up in the "G" building's co-working room. INRTU students prepared 10 projects. For example, Elizaveta Kozlovskaya created a self-portrait Reflection in the style of pop art. She applied an unusual technique, drawing a cartoon monkey with plates on his head. The painting, according to the author, is about her "perception of herself through the prism of society."

"Dual Truth" is the title of an abstract work by student Xenia Polyakovskaya, executed in black and gold tones. According to many visitors to the exhibition, the picture could fit organically into the interior of a cafe or a hotel.

Architect Ivan Tvartsev presented a portrait of abstractionist Pierre Soulages, combining oil, acrylic, ink and spray paint. The hero of the work was known for his particular love of experimenting with black. Pierre Soulages - the first Frenchman, whose work during his lifetime was sold for more than $ 10 million. About a month ago, Pierre passed away at the age of 102 years.

Still-life by Alexandra Loginova from Irkutsk conveys the character and palette of autumn, depicting red clusters of rowanberries, orange pumpkin and warm candle flames. Nadezhda Zubovich, the creator of the miniature "New Year's Eve Mood," turned to the winter theme. The heroes of her drawing are a fox and a rabbit exchanging gifts on a fluffy snow tree.

The mysterious story of a rat named Bobby, abducted by aliens, was told by Polina Petrenko. Maria Ovchinnikova from Angarsk continued her animalistic direction by embroidering a portrait of a young man with a tattoo of a Japanese carp.

Nikita Malyshev, a graduate of the Institute of Energy of INRTU, created a composition "Inside the walls", mixing pink, blue and yellow tones. This work reflects the author's impression of industrial design and at the same time is a tribute to the history that the buildings hide under a layer of paint.

Recall that Nikita is known in Irkutsk as the author of a large-scale panel placed on the facade of the regional infectious diseases hospital. The project is dedicated to the medics of the Angara region, who fought the pandemic. In addition, the young man won the street culture festival "Street Voice" with his graffiti "Controlled Chaos".

The exhibition project was accompanied by lectures and master classes, which were attended by 50 people from Irkutsk. Thus, last Friday Ilya Sergeyev and Roman Malinovich told about creative achievements of the Club of young architects. Ivan Tvartsev introduced to the audience his personal vision of Suprematism.

Nikita Malyshev held a master class on graffiti and composition on November 26 in the Farmasintez co-working room. Schoolchildren and students learned the basics of street art and working with fonts with the help of sketchbooks and markers. Mikhail Kotovskoy, a talented artist from Irkutsk, taught the basics of calligraphy to all comers.

At the end of the exhibition the authors of the three best art works will receive art sets from Art Premiera. The winners will be chosen by online voting by clicking on the link. The awarding ceremony will take place on December 3 at 14:00 in the Boiling Point of INRTU.