Diploma projects of INRTU designers are recommended for implementation

INRTU designers successfully defended their diploma projects. The authors developed thesis projects on behalf of Irkutsk Technical University, the Art Museum and private entrepreneurs. Most of the ideas were recommended for implementation.

This year the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after V.G. Smagin under the guidance of Dmitrii Dorokhin has trained 16 designers. The presentation of the projects was organized in the INRTU Art Hall on June 20-21.

According to Dmitrii Dorokhin, the State Examination Commission consisted of professors of the department and external experts. The committee highly appreciated the graduates' projects, and 13 graduates received "excellent" marks.

Dmitrii Dorokhin said,

"Our Vietnamese graduates showed good learning results. Pham Thi Thao Nguyen designed the architectural environment of BS BRICS. Her compatriot Nguyen Thi Thanh Hien created a promotion system for the publication of "Vietnamese Myths" in Russian. The project is interesting in the context of the festival "Siberia - the territory of peace and harmony."

The design of the cafe in Angarsk, the corporate style of the Roboschool, and the promotion system of the Tavolga ceramic workshop were developed on a commercial basis. The authors were Arina Rish, Evelina Chumak, and Vera Melnikova.

Anastasiya Makarova worked on the rebranding of the corporate identity of Baikal Winter Urban Planning University. The graduate designed various logos, website, souvenir and graphic products.

Anastasiya noted,

"In my diploma project, I reflected the features of the nature of the Irkutsk region with a reference to the Baikal ice. In addition, I prepared sketches for summer workshops. Rebranding of the organization in a more modern style will help to promote Winter Uni and attract creative participants.

My supervisor, Professor Olga Zhelezniak, played a big role in the preparation of the project. The leaders of Winter Uni intend to use my ideas."

The renovation of the object-space environment of House of Culture named after Gorky was proposed by Alina Leushkina.

Valeria Prischepa developed the corporate identity of Irkutsk Zoo to promote it among the citizens and tourists. Projects for the Children's Art School, Avtomobilist driving school, INRTU Sports Club, university dormitories and Academic ensemble were presented during the defense.

Kristina Solonitsyna presented the corporate style of the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting and Design named after V.G. Smagin. Taking into account the direction of the department, she created a series of logos, business products, including tubes for storing drawings.

The State Examination Commission was interested in Sofia Burman's project aimed at promotion of the Endowment Fund of the Regional Art Museum named after Sukachev.

Sophia Burman reported that the Endowment Fund is currently in search of its own style:

"I offered the customer a complete layout, which included a brand block, advertisement concept, merchandise, business and souvenir products. I also designed the interior of the office, the website and its mobile version.

The key colors of the project are burgundy and gold. This combination emphasizes the status of the organization and will help to attract patrons to the fund."

Representatives of the Endowment Fund sent feedback on the project. The customers expressed their willingness to consider the implementation of the advertising concept and souvenir products.

According to Elena Kurochkina, Secretary of the State Examination Commission, and Associate Professor of the department, the graduates showed excellent results:

"The students approached the diploma projects responsibly. The achievements of the Vietnamese graduates were especially impressive. They have mastered the Russian language at a high level during the four years of study. Foreign students are hardworking and motivated."