Department of Foreign Languages № 2

The Department of foreign languages provides language training for students of all INRTU schools and majors in English, German, and French, as a course "Foreign language" belongs to the basic module of the educational program. The main purpose of our professional teaching staff is to give practical command of everyday speech and the language of the specialty for the active use of a foreign language, both in everyday and professional communication. Priority tasks for our professionals are the following: - improving the quality of Foreign-language training of future specialists; - Development of the scientific potential of the teaching staff; - Expansion of the area of interdisciplinary scientific and educational research; - Improving the academic reputation of INRTU teaching staff. The main direction of the educational and methodological activity of the department is focused on improving the quality of education in order to ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, solving their communicative, professional and scientific tasks in the context of international integration and cooperation with foreign countries.

Key personnel

Teaching staff

Research projects

  • Communicative - pragmatic systems and linguodidactics
  • Engineering English/German
  • Interpreter in the field of professional communication
  • Summer school (English/German)
  • “Rostech Wings” project, implementing the educational trajectory “Foreign language / English”

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