Our Compelling Advantages

Digital Multicultural Environment

The School has 184 online courses providing 24 hours of instruction 7 days a week. Based on MOODLE platform, most of our courses combine e-learning and in-class work, so instructors can give feedback on assignments and answer students’ questions both in the classroom and online. This blended education can guarantee constant involvement of students and make them feel absorbed in foreign languages and cultures.

Bespoke Teaching Methods and Resource Materials

The School has a diverse collection of educational resource materials based on own-brand teaching techniques and fundamental research. Since 2017, we have contributed 50 publications to the library holding of INRTU. Our training aids and study guides are culturally sensitive, major-minded and career-targeted.

Trevor Noah
If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
What is the School’s contribution to education at INRTU?

— Creation of space where engineering studies and liberal arts education meet

The School has a central role in international education at INRTU and in preparing students to be leaders and good global citizens. Through the School's courses and education programmes, INRTU students learn how to work, collaborate, and thrive in cultures around the globe.

Who are our students?

— All who study, work or prepare to enter INRTU

The School proposes an active policy for learning foreign languages by taking various language courses that are available for the following categories of learners:

  • students of bachelor, master or doctorate programs fr om all university branches, faculties and departments
  • prospective students who can be both Russian school leavers studying up for the Uniform State Exam in English, and foreign applicants taking courses of Russian as a foreign language
  • faculty members and academicians who use English as a medium of instruction to give lectures in multicultural groups or who tackle global research-based challenges to open their ideas to international expert community and translate them into action worldwide
Who are our team members?

— Gifted people who love to teach and to solve the riddles of languages

Deeply engaged in practice, our professors and senior lecturers create intellectual ferment of enriching multicultural environment wh ere we all are apprentices learning from each other, as we communicate and become aware of the world’s diversity. Providing our students with effective communicative tools for interaction in academic and professional contexts, we knock down the walls of estrangement between cultures. We balance conventional norms of different languages and research fields in pursuance of deeper understanding the unity of human values.

What is our field of expertise?

— Cross-cultural multidisciplinary research in the humanities

Contributing to national and global expertise, our faculty members set the international standard of excellence in their disciplines. The School's portfolio of fundamental and applied science includes linguistics, cross-cultural studies, pedagogy and language education, digital humanities, philosophy of language, cognitive science, and translation studies.

About us

Anton Chekhov
The geniuses of all ages and of all lands speak different languages but the same flame burns in them all. Oh, if you only knew what unearthly happiness my soul feels now from being able to understand them.

Founded in 2017, the school is a dynamic alliance of faculty, staff, students, and partners.  A community that is as friendly, collegial and supportive as it is distinguished.

Our Departments coordinate teaching and learning processes within the programmes of studying foreign languages and cultures, and they conduct general educational and human resource policies.

Creating a single platform for learning foreign languages, we improve the education quality at INRTU and broaden academic horizons.

Our strategic objectives are as follows:

  • to create integrated academic environment within our courses and education programmes allowing INRTU students to join globalised professional expertise; 
  • to improve the quality of language education at INRTU and to increase the academic mobility of students;
  • to enhance the impact of INRTU scholars in national and global professional communities;
  • to enhance the involvement of our professors in international research and academic projects;
  • to design patterns for fair and accurate assessment of linguistic ability in compliance with CEFR standards;
  • to develop supplementary integrated language courses meeting the needs of INRTU students, employees and outside attendees.

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