INRTU third-year students are prize-winners of the first National essay contest in a foreign language

The third-year students of INRTU became winners of the first National essay contest in a foreign language. The rector Mikhail Korniakov awarded the certificatesto the students on December 19th

The competition started on October 20th at the initiative of teachers of Kazan State Power Engineering University. The students were invited to write an essay on the topic "Foreign Language is the Path to Future Careers".

The organizing committee received 628 essays in English, French and German. Essays were evaluated by such criteria as originality, existence of the author's position, literacy, compliance with the structure, consistency of thought.

Nikita Vashchuk studies German since the second grade of school, and he won prizes on competitions. In high school, he participated in exchange programs. At the moment Nikita is mastering the major "Environmental Engineering and Clean Energy" at Baikal School of BRICS and continues to improve his German speech under the supervision of Alina Kutimskaya, a senior lecturer of the Department of Humanities. The student's essay was awarded a second-degree certificate.

"Working with renewable energy sources is of special relevance in today's world. Knowledge of foreign languages will allow scientists and experts to develop and promote environmental initiatives," commented Nikita Vashchuk on his essay.

Svetlana Nikolaeva, the author of the English-language essay, a future urban planner, won the first place prize. The supervisor of her work - assistant professor of the Department of Foreign Languages № 1 Ekaterina Kholdeeva.

Sophia Pushkarenko, who studies journalism and communication technologies at BS BRICS, was awarded the second place prize.

"The profession of a journalist implies intercultural communication, so I actively practice speaking and writing in English. Natalia Gennadyevna Sivtseva, associate professor of the Department of Humanities, helps me in this. In addition, I am beginning to learn German," said Sofia Pushkarenko.