Peng Bo (China), a student of INRTU, won first place in the language arts competition

The results of the first regional competition of language creativity among foreign students were summed up at INRTU. Students of Irkutsk universities and colleges took part in the event and also students of Xi'an Oil University.

More than 50 international students from China, Mongolia and the CIS countries took part in the intellectual competition. Anna Baldynova and Larisa Yerbaeva, senior lecturers of the Department of Advertising and Journalism, supervised the project.

The competition is intended to increase interest of foreign students of technical and humanitarian specialties to the study of Russian as a foreign language, to provide participants with the opportunity to express their creative abilities.

The participants had to present their work, as well as to provide the jury with photos, drawings, essays, poems and layouts. The creative part of the competition covered a variety of topics, including culture and traditions of the peoples of the world, national holidays, art, flora and fauna. Another theme was "Irkutsk is the Middle of the Earth".

The papers were evaluated by INRTU staff and an invited expert of the East Siberian Institute of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs V. Zudaeva. The jury selected four winners.

First place went to Peng Bo, a student of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design of INRTU. The young man came to Irkutsk from China a year ago. He chose the profession of a designer, which to a certain extent contributed to his deserved victory in the competition. Peng Bo presented a series of photos showing the beauty of Irkutsk and the greatness of Lake Baikal.

Mungunshuuder Lhagvazhav, a second year student at INRTU, was highly appreciated by the jury. The members of the expert commission gave her the second prize. The student painted an interesting landscape. Mungunshuuder Lhagvazhav depicted a picturesque place on Igoshin Street.

In addition, the jury was impressed by the works of students of the East Siberian Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the State College of the Olympic Reserve of Irkutsk. Students of these educational institutions became bronze medallists of the contest.

Aikhan Khanlarov made a report on the theme "Culture and traditions of the peoples of the world" and cooked some dishes of national cuisine, having treated the participants of the contest. Aldar Rinchinov presented riddles of his own composition about animals of Siberia.

An exhibition of the contest participants' works will be organised at INRTU.