Over 1,000 INRTU students passed the foreign language proficiency exam

1,029 INRTU students took the foreign language proficiency exam. More than half of the students received high grades in English, German, and Russian as foreign language proficiency exams.

INRTU Rector Mikhail Korniakov proposed to take foreign language proficiency exams at the university. Starting from 2019, the foreign language proficiency exam is compulsory for all bachelor's and specialist's degrees graduates.

According to Olga Kolmakova, Director of School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, the exam consisted of spoken and written parts. Students took lexical and grammar tests, completed reading and listening comprehension tasks and defended their final qualification papers in a foreign language.

Olga Kolmakova explained,

"The structure and content of the exam have been tested in the previous four years. School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication organized it for everyone who wanted to assess their foreign language proficiency.

Next year this test will be taken by the first graduates of a specialist's degree. Students, who successfully pass the exam, will have a foreign language proficiency level B2 in diploma.

The leaders among the schools were identified according to the exam results. Fluent knowledge of a foreign language was demonstrated by students from School of Information Technology and Data Science. Second and third places went to School of High Technology and School of Power Engineering. Students who completed additional programs "Foreign Language for Engineers" and "Interpreter in Business Communication" were exempted from taking the exam."

Students' knowledge was assessed by the experts from different departments and the professors of School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Marina Tugarina, Associate Professor at the Department of Advanced Geology, Geophysics and Geoinformation Systems, told about her work as an expert. She notes that participation in the work of the exam committee is always interesting, inspiring and full of unexpected discoveries:

"Students with significantly different levels of English proficiency took the exam. All of the students, without exception, prepared good qualification papers.

The considerable role in preparation belongs not only to the students, but also to teachers-mentors who were able to help them to show their strong sides and to confirm their qualification.

I am very pleased with the increasing level of English among students."

According to the expert, inviting specialists from different fields of study to the examination committee is always mutually beneficial, because there is an exchange of teaching experience, high assessment standards are set for proficiency exams, the vocabulary is enriched and the outlook is broadened.

Anton Vilachev, a future IT specialist, passed the exam with an "excellent" grade. He studied foreign languages in Lyceum No. 36 and attended classes at Easy School educational center.

Anton Vilachev said,

"The easiest part for me was speaking, when we made presentations and answered questions. I told about the development of the service to automate the organizational activities of the show group. My supervisor is Associate Professor Sergey Bakhvalov.

The introduction of such final exam in the curriculum is a great idea. It allows us to motivate students to master one of the foreign languages at a high proficiency level."