International English Language Day was celebrated at INRTU

INRTU held a series of events dedicated to the International English Language Day, celebrated by linguists on April 23. INRTU students competed in vocal arts and grammar, wrote dictations, had quiz and discussed English-language movies.

The date of celebrating of English Language Day is April 23 and it was chosen to commemorate the memory of the poet and playwright William Shakespeare. School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, headed by the director Olga Kolmakova, timed several educational and creative projects to this event.

As Olga Kolmakova says, the school has many opportunities for learning English - this is the "Engineering English" program, courses for translators in professional communication, classes supported by the Easy School. The event helps to make the language more popular and INRTU students could demonstrate not only their knowledge, but also their talents.

English language week began with a song contest. Vice-rector for International Affairs Stepan Bykov wished the participants success and pointing that the English language opens up many opportunities in terms of education and research, salary, travel and communication.

The contest was won by Anna Namestnikov, a student of the School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Transport. Second place went to Prokhor Lantsov from School of Aircraft Construction, Mechanical Engineering, while Maria Zhulanova, a student from the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, rounded out the top three. Author's rap from the future programmer Arseniy Sendetsky was a surprise for the audience.

In addition, the winners of the prize of audience sympathy were determined. The leaders were Danila Vorobev and Soldny Balbarov. Malika Majidova, the first-year student of a "Innovatics" program participated in online-voting. She surprised listeners with her strong vocal during the performance of Adele's song Rolling in the deep.

According to the student, listening to music helps to memorize words and texts in a foreign language better. Malika started studying English in elementary school. She admits that over time she started paying less attention to it. She plans to improve her speaking skills at INRTU, the university which has a real international atmosphere.

INRTU students were also interested in the Spell Well dictation, which brought together over 40 students and INRTU teaching stuff staff. The curator of the project is Natalia Shalamay from the Foreign Languages Department. The dictation is designed to identify participants' skills in listening, reading and writing. 

"We are grateful to certified Cambridge University teacher Karin Judkins. Living in Italy, she agreed to support our project and recorded an excerpt from Crazy English on audio. Separate thanks to colleagues from School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and the students for their assistance in preparing for the event", - said Natalia Shalamay.

The best results of the dictation showed future subsoil user Nestor Mekhanikov, representative of School of Architecture, Construction and Design Artem Tayursky and Abdul Raif Rezvan Ullah from BS of BRICS.

The series of events continued with a quiz, an Olympiad and a movie session. English Week ended on Saturday with a meeting of the Lingua Franca conversation club. The participants discussed the cultural characteristics of English-speaking countries.

In addition, the English Language Day was celebrated by the Baikal School of BRICS. Students were invited to the "TO TO BE OR NOT TO BE" party. Everyone was able to chat with like-minded people over a cup of tea and play board games.