Delegation of the Siberian School of Geosciences visited Kazakhstan

Department Heads of the Siberian School of Geosciences Yuri Davydenko and Konstantin Abornev and Director of the School of Subsurface Resource Management Aleksei Shevchenko took part in the 12th International Mining and Geological Forum MAINEX Kazakhstan-2022. INRTU professors also got acquainted with the activities of one of the leading technical universities of Kazakhstan - Satbayev University (KazNITU) and the Institute of Archeology named by A.H. Margulan.

The first part of the trip took place in Almaty. At the invitation of Auez Abetov, head of the Department of Geophysics at Satbayev University, the INRTU delegation visited the oldest technical university in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Head of the Department of Geophysics Yuri Davydenko addressed the students with a lecture on advanced technologies of electromagnetic sounding to search for porphyry systems. He shared his experience in geological prospecting in Kazakhstan and spoke about the developing UAV-MPP technologies at the Siberian School of Geosciences.

"Our main task was to interest the students in order to involve them in future works in Kazakhstan. In addition, we wish bachelor degree graduates of the Satbayev University choose the Siberian School of Geosciences to continue their education.

We have discussed with the management of the university the possibility of carrying out joint geophysical projects and exchanging professors. We agreed on memorandum of cooperation in this area between INRTU and KazNITU. We invited students from universities of Kazakhstan for practical training, which we will organize on the basis of Chernorud," Yuri Davydenko shared his impressions of the trip.

According to INRTU professors, communication with Andrey Aksenov and Dmitry Mazunin, representatives of the engineering center established with participation of Satbayev University, was fruitful. The parties discussed the prospects for the implementation of common scientific and production geological exploration projects in Kazakhstan.

The next stage of the visit of the Irkutsk delegation was a visit to the Institute of Archaeology named by A.H. Margulan. Geoarchaeology or archaeogeophysics (the use of geophysical prospecting methods to find archaeological objects) are developed at INRTU at a high professional level. On the basis of internships Chernorud students explore the area in search of sites of ancient metallurgy and burials. The Kazakhstan people have their own interesting objects and methods in this plan. As a result of negotiations with the general director of scientific institute of archeology Akan Ongarula the arrangement on carrying out joint seminar is reached.

During the visit to Kazakhstan, the INRTU staff also presented their scientific potential and developments at the 12th Mining and Geological Forum MAINEKS, which was held in Nur-Sultan. This large-scale international event brought together over 950 participants from Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.

Siberian School of Geosciences of INRTU presented its own stand at the exhibition, reflecting the main activities: unmanned methods of surveying, ground-based geophysical exploration systems, geological survey, mobile drilling and geoecology. The great interest of colleagues was aroused by Yuri Davydenko's presentation on the topic "Experience of exploring porphyry systems of Kazakhstan by geophysical methods".