Linguistic and cultural quiz in English and German was held at INRTU

INRTU hosted a linguistic and cultural quiz in English and German. The quest was organized by the teachers of the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Natalia Kuvshinova, Alexandra Kereshun and Olga Kostovskaya. Co-organizers and hosts of the game were fifth-year students of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design, participants of the summer language school, Anna Morozova and Anton Chervonniy.

As Natalia Kuvshinova, associate professor of the Department of Foreign Languages No. 1, says, the main purpose of the event was to increase the level of knowledge of foreign languages among young people. Such quizzes contribute to the development of interest and motivation for the study of foreign languages, as well as to the development of interest in the cultural traditions of different countries.

According to the conditions of the contest participants of the quest could be 1st-4th year students of non-linguistic Irkutsk universities, students of professional educational institutions and high school students.

Participants were offered questions from different categories - history, country and government, science and technology, famous people, geography, sociology, customs and traditions, sports, culture, etc.

The winner of the game in English was Cringe team: second-year students of the School of Information Technology and Data Science at INRTU Danil Vlasov, Dmitry Azizov, Lev Alexeev, Sergey Alkhimov and Egor Yurkovsky.

Second place went to the GAU-team from A.A. Ezhevsky Irkutsk State Agrarian University, third place was awarded to Sweet Cats - a team of first-year students of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design - Anna Muradyan, Vladlena Kolyshkina, Victoria Krapiva, Olga Zvereva, Diana Emelyanova.

Among students studying German, representatives of INRTU were in the three winners. The team of 1-year students of the School of Power Engineering became the winner - Ilya Rusakov, Evgeny Lobza, Vladimir Belyakin, Oleg Rybalko and Savva Tashlykov.

Second place also went to the future power engineers - first-year students Tatiana Kostyleva, Anastasia Vyguzova, Margarita Sosnovskaya, Polina Kondratyuk and Nikita Titov.

Third place went to the team of 1st and 2nd year students of the School of Power Engineering and the School of Power Engineering - Alexander Parfenov, Nikita Chepurny, Mikhail Gorbunov, Vladimir Selyandin and Danila Istomin.

The members of the winning team shared their impressions of the quiz:

"Personally I liked everything, starting with the atmosphere, continuing with the excellent host and the tasks that unexpectedly fished out from the depths of memory long-forgotten information," said Sergey Alkhimov.

"The event is cool. I was just planning to have a good time, so winning is a nice bonus. The impressions are extremely pleasant. All the teams performed well, it was interesting to play with intelligent guys," said Leo Alekseev.