Students from China, Mongolia, and the USA took part in the INRTU conference on "Language. Speech. Society"

International conference on "Language. Speech. Society" was held at the Tochka Kipeniya space of INRTU on April 28. The event attracted attention to 180 people, including secondary school students and students. Students from China, Mongolia and the United States took an active part in the conference.

According to Oksana Antipina, Deputy Director of INRTU School of Economics, Management and Law, issues on publicism, linguistics, and advertising technologies in the conditions of digitalization were discussed within the conference:

Students of the INRTU Department of Advertising and Journalism conduct active research work in these areas. They share their discoveries not only with other speakers, but also with experts.

Kristina Chirkova, sophomore journalism student, presented her research on "Manipulative techniques in a modern advertising text".

Kristina emphasized on practice, talking about the forms of advertising and the ways of its presentation:

In everyday life we are very often confronted with advertising. The impact of sales texts on human consciousness is significant. I wanted to understand their structure and specificity so as not to fall for the tricks of tempting and unprofitable offers. I think that the results of my research will be useful to many people.

Elena Drugova, who teaches "Basics of Advertising and Public Relations in Mass Media," suggested Kristina to take up advertising and mass consciousness. Now Kristina Chirkova is working on her term project. The future journalist writes about tolerance in commercials. As the student notes, advertisements are the basic in their structure, only examples are differ. Thus, she will present some information from the report in her coursework.

Kristina Chirkova has already practiced at the Channel 23 (INRTU) and at the press center of the university. She considers, it is a nice opportunity for INRTU students to combine research work with their practice.

Our students have scientific and professional interest to advertising and journalistic texts. We teach skills in working with media texts. We practice aspects of speech impact and the unity of the text and the communicative situation. However, this does not prevent us from analyzing works of fiction. Literature teaches beautiful things, none can study the world in all its diversity without it," said Iuliia Vairakh, Head of the Department of Advertising and Journalism at INRTU.

A striking confirmation of this thesis was a speech, represented by a fifth year student of the School of Pedagogy of Far Eastern Federal University Sofia Tsobenko. The student spoke about the work "The end of the world, my love" by Alla Gorbunova.

I recommend everyone to read this collection of stories, because you can hear the voice of a whole generation in the lines of the author. The nostalgic notes of childhood unwittingly resonate in the hearts of readers with warm memories. But we should not forget about the phantasmagoric side of the work, which is full of cruelty and violence. I hope that the depth of the subtext will be appreciated by adult readers, including students. The text and its message can be understood only through own experience", — said Sofia Tsobenko.

According to Sofia, it was interesting for her to see how the poetic beginning is integrated into the prose text. Alla Gorbunova is an author of wonderful poetry first of all, and only then a talented prose writer. A pressing problem is raised in the collection of stories "The end of the world, my love" — how to awaken something real, living in the inner world. This is an urgent need that every person must strive for. Professors appreciated the work of Sophia, who clearly and reasonably answered the questions.

Sophia Tsobenko, a student of Far Eastern Federal University, took part in the INRTU conference for the first time. She believes that INRTU managed to organize a forum on topical issues of Russian language and literature at a high level. As a future teacher, she shared her experience in text analysis with undergraduates; this is a good experience for her future carrier.

The conference winners and participants will receive the letters of appreciation.

Elina Gron’, a student of Irkutsk State University