Mikhail Korniakov supported the initiative of the scientific discussion club in English

INRTU School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication organized a new project. A scientific-discussion club in English is supposed to allow students to present their research and improve their foreign language skills. The event was held at the University on November, 19

At the club opening Rector of INRTU Mikhail Korniakov wished successful presentations in English.

The project was also supported by Alexander Kononov, vice-rector for research and Stepan Bykov, vice-rector for international affairs, who joined the event via video link.

According to Olga Kolmakova, director of the School of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, the idea of creating a discussion club appeared in order to promote academic English at the university:

«This language is used to prepare of research papers, including master's and PhD theses. The discussion club will allow participants and trainees to improve their English-language competence and improve their speaking skills.

The pilot project was preceded by a survey among undergraduate and graduate students, which confirmed the relevance of our initiative. It is planned that the club meetings will be held every month throughout the academic year».

The report was presented by Vladimir Lubinets, a first-year graduate student of the School of Subsurface Resource Management. INRTU student is mastering the oil and gas business. The scientific supervisor of the young researcher is Pavel Pushmin, associate professor of the Oil and Gas Department.

Vladimir Lubinets came from Kazakhstan. He completed his bachelor's degree at Karaganda State Technical University, having mastered geology and geophysics fundamentals.

Then Vladimir improved his competencies in the field of sustainable development at the master's program at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). Vladimir Lubinets won a grant for this purpose as part of the Erasmus academic exchange program.

He worked as an engineer at Weatherford International, a transnational oilfield services company, and also held management positions at NOV Inc. in the United States.

At the event, the graduate student presented a reported entitled «Automation in Drilling: A Study in Wireline Telemetry Technology.» While working for foreign companies, he promoted similar techniques on the Russian and CIS markets. Wireline telemetry technology is relevant for the development of hard-to-reach fields, but is costly to implement.

«In my graduate school under the supervision of Pavel Pushmin, I will search for alternative technologies allowing efficient high-speed data transmission in today's oil and gas industry conditions.

I liked the scientific-discussion club format. Participants can freely express their opinions, talk about their research, find like-minded people, and get support at the level of the university administration. In addition, the discussions develop spoken English», Vladimir shared his impressions.

The next meeting of the scientific discussion club will take place on December, 3. INRTU students, future experts in artificial intelligence, will make a report at the meeting.