Stanislav Grigoriev, Associate Professor at INRTU, made a report at the WIC World Summit in China

Stanislav Grigoriev, associate professor at INRTU, took part in the World Internet Conference (WIC). He spoke about the peculiarities of data-driven management which is a modern approach to data-driven management. The forum was held in a mixed format on November, 9-11 in Wuzhen, China

Over 2000 representatives from more than 120 countries participated in the conference, including China, Russia, Australia, Italy, Norway, and others. The subject of the summit was «Towards a Common Digital Future in a Connected World - Building a Community with a Common Future in Cyberspace».

At the invitation of the organizing committee Stanislav Grigoriev, head of the Center of Competences for Data-Based Analysis and Management, Associate Professor at INRTU, presented a report on data transparency in Data-Driven which is approaches to production and enterprise management in the online format. Data-Driven refers to methods in which management strategy is based on data.

According to Stanislav Grigoriev, the team of the School of Information Technology and Data Science of INRTU plans to implement projects in the interests of regional companies, including JSC «Irkutskkabel», LLC «EuroSibEnergo-Engineering». These are R&D projects in the field of mechanical engineering and power engineering, in which students are involved. The results of the work will be software, systems or software and hardware complexes. The projects involve technologies such as simulation modeling, VR/AR.

«Enterprises have challenged us to virtualize and digitalize some production work. There is a gradual question about the degree of availability and transparency of company data that can be used to manage processes.

There are different systems and technologies for effective enterprise management. For example, the information that we generate using IoT (Internet of Things) methods and then use to make decisions in data-driven management systems is now becoming available and open. This, in turn, also applies to data ethics.

The consequence of the new digital transformation is a better understanding of what is going on in companies. Information, once it is known, cannot always be used only for good, especially in combination with data models», said Stanislav Grigoriev.

He explains the growing interest in Data-Driven technologies by the transition from algorithms to control system construction models: «The share of model development projects is increasing by 10-15% compared to software development projects».

In addition, the audience learned about the most important aspects affecting the development of digital norms. The first is the introduction of ethics in digital work and the preparation of regulations. The second aspect has to do with the emergence of the concepts of introducing digital models into industry instead of algorithms («modeling»).

The speech aroused interest and support from Chinese IT specialists and entrepreneurs. As a result of the forum, Stanislav Grigoriev established new business contacts. He plans to cooperate with colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences to implement projects on digitalization and virtualization of industry. They also discussed the issue of preparing publications for the journal «Engineering Sciences» (PRC), included in the Scopus database.

You can learn more about the problems raised by Stanislav Grigoriev in his presentation at the WIC by enrolling in the educational program of additional education «Information Technologies in Enterprise Management». The project supervised by Stanislav Grigoriev is implemented as part of the «Priority 2030» program. Education for INRTU senior students is free of charge.