Department of Sociology and Psychology

The Department of Sociology and Psychology is involved in training specialists in technical, economic and legal fields, as well as in training programs for specialists, masters and PhD students. The teaching staff of the Department consists of highly professional specialists with academic degrees and titles. All teachers are at the same time practicing sociologists and psychologists. The department is responsible for educating postgraduate students majoring in Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
3 years

Research projects

  • Research on problems of Irkutsk city branding.
  • Ecological Education of Youth in the Baikal Central Ecological Zone
  • Youth of the Irkutsk region
  • Motivation of students of INRTU School of Power Engineering to study at the Irkutskenergo- INRTU Corporate Training and Research Center
  • Research on assessing the social and political situation in Sayansk city
  • Research on assessing efficiency of implementing the state program "Russian Nations Unity Strengthening and Ethnic and Cultural Development of the Irkutsk Region Peoples
  • Study on issues of development of scientific, research and innovation activities in INRTU

New releases

Expert Department of the Governor of Irkutsk region and the Government of Irkutsk region
An independent structural unit of the Office of the Governor of the Irkutsk Region and the Government of the Irkutsk Region providing expert and analytical support for the activities of the Irkutsk Region Governor, the Government and Governor’s Office.
Organizational and Analytical Department of Irkutsk City Administration
The Department is responsible for gathering information to create a database based on up-to-date information systems on issues of municipal administration; and monitoring of public opinion in Irkutsk region.
Zapovednoe Pribaikalye, Federal State Budget Institution
The main activities are preservation and study of the natural course of natural processes and phenomena, the genetic fund of flora and fauna, individual species and communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecological systems.
Department of Public Relations and National Relations of the Governor and Government of the Irkutsk Region
The Department provides interaction of the Governor of the Irkutsk Region, the Government of the Irkutsk Region, the Administration of the Governor and Government of the Irkutsk Region with political parties, public and religious associations, other civil society structures.
Angara, the Baikal Regional Union of Women
The Union works to establish an institute for gender studies; to develop and implement educational programs on Womens Studies for educational institutions, training schools for unemployed women, employment centers, as well as organize a Women's Entrepreneurship Support Center; and a Sunday school of liedership for young women and girls, etc.

Outstanding graduates

Marina Bykova
Moscow Higher Military Command School / Head of the Psychological Work Group
graduate of 2013
Natalia Sidorova
INRTU, Department of Sociology and Psychology / Ph.D. in Sociology, associate professor
graduate of 1999
Elena Cherentaeva
Social rehabilitation center for minors of Irkutsk / Head of the department "Emergency psychological assistance by phone"
graduate of 2015