"The Metamorphosis of Spring" exhibition was launched by INRTU as part of the Baikal Student Spring Festival

Tatiana Dashko, director of the Centre for Cultural and Educational Work, expressed gratitude to the talented students and mentors for the well-prepared exposition.

«We traditionally open the Baikal’s Students Spring Festival with an exhibition of works by muralists. The paintings represent the spring mood — they are made in warm and light colours.

We’re planning to organise guided tours for students of technical fields, as acquaintance with art brings up in people a love for the beauty», said Tatiana Dashko.

Student Alina Blagikh mastered the labour-intensive weaving technology and demonstrated the gobelin made under the guidance of Associate Professor Natalya Dovnich. Anna Kishtaeva created a series of decorative landscapes.

Fifth-year student Lyubov Chebotaryova combines her studies at university with her work at the Square School of Architecture. She prefers printmaking on linocut and etching. However, in preparation for the exhibition Lubov chose still life painting and presented creation «Plate with Pomegranates».

«Now a days I am actively developing in the areas of art therapy and psychology. That is why the work is done in bright, juicy colours, which have a positive effect on a person’s emotional state. I am glad that my work conveys a sunny mood," shared Lyubov Chebotaryova.