Department of Law Theory, Constitutional and Administrative Law

The Department of the Theory of Law, the Constitutional and Administrative Law is responsible for such majors as Criminal Law, Civil Law and Legal Protection of National Security. The postgraduate students study Constitutional Law; Constitutional Judicial Process; Municipal Law as well as Theory and History of Law and State.

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
5 years

Research projects

  • Legal aspects of the provision of municipal services in electronic form in the Russian Federation

  • Provision of municipal services in electronic form in Russia: political and legal analysis

  • Legal regulation of assessing the effectiveness of local government bodies in the field of environmental protection

  • Institute of Constitutional and Legal Responsibility of Russia and Foreign Countries

New releases

Irkutsk regional state government institution “Institute of Legislation and Legal Information named after Мikhail Speransky”
The Institute carries out its activities in the following main areas: legislative activity, expert legal activities and maintaining the Register of Municipal Normative Legal Acts of the Irkutsk Region.
Department of Ministry of Justice of the Irkutsk region
Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation is a federal executive body, responsible for development of public policies and regulatory control, as well as it performs law enforcement duties and functions of control and supervision in the area of justice It also coordinates the activities of other federal executive bodies in this area.
Department of Ministry of Forestry of Irkutsk region
Ministry of Forestry of Irkutsk region is executive body for state management and protection of forestry, reserves, wildlife and habitat, control on hunting on the territory of Irkutsk region.
Department of Federal Bailiffs Service of Irkutsk region
Federal Bailiffs Service is a federal executive body, serving as the primary agency for protection of officers of the court, effective operation of the judiciary, fugitive operations, and providing security services and maintaining order within court facilities across Russia.

Outstanding graduates

Aleksandr Gogolev
Irkutsk region Governor’s Department / Acting head
graduate of 2008
Tatiana Zen’kova
Irkutsk City Duma / Head of legal office
graduate of 2008
Evgeny Zhukovsky
Office for interactions with local authorities of Irkutsk region Governor’s Department and Government of Irkutsk region / Deputy head
graduate of 2005
Alyona Petrova (Kuninets)
Irkutsk region Governor’s Department / The counselor of state awards
graduate of 2011