INRTU and Sangli School discussed the perspectives of cooperation in occupational guidance for Chinese applicants

Representatives of Sangli school branches from four provinces and cities of China (Shandong, Guangzhou, Jiangxi and Taierzhuang) visited INRTU. Chinese and Russian colleagues discussed prospects for cooperation in the field of preparation of Chinese applicants for studying at Irkutsk Polytechnic University.

The visit is coordinated by Sergei Zakharov, Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs at the School of Economics, Management and Law. According to him, Sangli is a large complex of private schools that won the state tender for high school students’ education from 20 regions of China. Each branch has about 10,000 students; many of them plan to receive higher education in Russia. Sangli considers INRTU as its main partner in the Russian Federation.

Sergei Zakharov explained:

"China has a 12-year system of general secondary education. It is planned to make Russian a compulsory subject for Sanli students in grades 10-12. Therefore, the school management will need help in organization of language courses, including the involvement of Russian native speakers. The school encourages future graduates to study in the fields of economics and law, architecture, construction and aircraft engineering at INRTU. These are the most demanded fields of study in China.

Xu Linchong, Vice Rector of the school in Shandong Province, helped us to establish cooperation with the educational organization. He received an education in the field of economics at our university. He continues his postgraduate studies at Irkutsk Polytechnic University now. Xu Linchong was an interpreter and consultant of the delegation."

The visit will last until March 7. Chinese colleagues met with the employees of the School of Economics, Management and Law on the first day of the visit.

Jiao Weiwei, Rector of Sangli School in Shandong Province, thanked INRTU officials for the invitation to Irkutsk and expressed his hope that Chinese graduates will be able to receive a higher education in Russia.

The university employees gave a brief overview of the educational programs during the meeting. Aleksandr Pakharukov, Head of the Department of Law, said that his team is preparing highly qualified lawyers of civil and criminal profiles since 1993. The graduates successfully work in the judicial system, law enforcement agencies and provide legal support at enterprises.

According to Iuliia Vairakh, Head of the Department of Advertising and Journalism, foreign applicants may be interested in "Digital Technologies in Advertising and Public Relations" program. Students will master digital-technologies, internet-marketing and neuromarketing methods. In addition, Iuliia Vairakh offered to share videos made by Chinese students who master journalism at INRTU. The materials are dedicated to their studies at the Polytechnic University and adaptation to life in Siberia.

Mariya Berezhnykh, Head of the Department of Management, gave an overview of educational programs. She spoke about the importance of scientific and educational cooperation in the field of management because both Russian and Chinese companies need competent managers. There are several bachelor degree programs in management at the university. Students who have chosen the profession in the field of management will master such managerial competences as leadership, communication and decision making. There is also "Entrepreneurship" course that enables to participate in "Startup as a Diploma" program.

Maria Berezhnykh emphasized:

"By the third year, students choose one of the directions - research, corporate, and entrepreneurial. This involves carrying out researches, solving problems in the interests of enterprises and regions and creating own business and startup."

Irina Kuryshova, Head of the Department of Law Theory, Constitutional and Administrative Law, recommended her Chinese colleagues to pay attention to "Legal Support for National Security" program. Elena Struk spoke about the benefits of studying at the Department of Sociology and Psychology. She also initiated the development of joint research areas with China related to youth recreation and social development of monotowns.

Andrey Nechaev, Director of the School of Economics, Management and Law, added that Irkutsk Polytechnic University is a unique university in the Priangarye region. 97% of Chinese students graduate from the School of Economics, Management and Law.

Rector Jiao WeiWei and Vice-rector Xu Linchong invited the INRTU employees to take part in a visit to schools in Shandong, Jiangxi, Guanzhou and Taierzhuang. In their opinion, it is important to organize professional orientation events in spring before the state exams. These visits will encourage high school students to enroll to the university.

One representative of the delegation stressed:

"We are ready to introduce everyday summer classes for the 12th grade students. This will help students to be better prepared for the university preparatory courses. Moreover, the most talented and hardworking of them can enroll the degree programs after the summer classes."

In addition, the participants of the meeting discussed the possibility of organizing pedagogical practice for INRTU students at Sangli schools. Also the Chinese partners expressed their intention to support the organization of internships for Polytechnic students at the enterprises of China.

The Chinese delegation visited coworking rooms, the Mineralogical Museum and attended the classes. The visit will end with trips to Listvyanka and Olkhon.

INFO: INRTU has been training personnel for China since 1990. About 340 Chinese citizens study at the university. More than 730 students from China have taken the main educational programs for the last five years and more than 150 students have chosen preparatory courses. Chinese citizens prefer to study in the fields related to architecture, programming, artificial intelligence, economics, and electric power industry.