21.05.04 Mining engineering

Open cast mining

Bachelor's (5 years)
5 years

About the program

This program is intended for students interested in understanding the processes of mining production and planning to continue their professional activities at the enterprises of this industry. In the course of training, students gain knowledge and skills in organizing and conducting work in the field of mining, mining and surveying, study geology, mechanization, enrichment and power supply of mining operations. During the development of this program, students will gain skills in the effective management of all mining production processes at enterprises operating open-pit deposits.

Learning outcomes

  • Carry out technical management of mining and blasting operations during operational exploration, mining of solid minerals, construction and operation of underground facilities, directly control processes at production facilities, including in emergency situations
  • The ability to determine the spatial and geometric position of objects, to carry out the necessary geodetic and mine surveying measurements, to process and interpret their results
  • Know the patterns of behavior and management of the properties of rocks and the state of the massif in the processes of mining and processing of solid minerals, as well as in the construction and operation of underground structures
  • Owning the methods of rational and integrated development of the geo-resource potential of the subsoil
  • Analyze and typify the conditions for the development of mineral deposits for their integrated use, perform various assessments of subsoil use

Career opportunities

A mining process engineer is the main manager of mining operations, who is well versed in the technology of opencast mining of coal, ore and alluvial deposits, effectively solving organizational, technical and environmental problems, issues of improving the integrated use of extracted raw materials and the development of new deposits. Graduates of the specialty "Open cast mining" can occupy the positions of an engineer in design, research organizations of the relevant profile, as well as at construction industry enterprises that use construction minerals (gravel, sand, clay, limestone, dolomite, marble, etc.).


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology named after V.V. Tuturina
Head of the Department: Department of Geo-Ecology
Associate Professor: Reliability Management of Electrical and Mechanical Instrumentation Lab
Deputy Head of the Department, Associate Professor: Department of Mining Machines and Electromechanical Systems
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor: Department of Mineral Deposits Development
Associate Professor: Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy
Technical head of the laboratory: Geochemistry and Geophysics of Rocks lab
Associate Professor: Department of Mining Machines and Electromechanical Systems
Associate Professor: Department of Materials Science, Welding and Additive Technology
Head of the Department: Department of Mining Machines and Electromechanical Systems
Academic secretary: Academic Council Department

Fees and funding

219 200 ₽ *
Per year
*Part-time mode of study is also available. For the detailed information about tuition fee and the training period please contact International admission office

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian or provide CEFR level B1, TORFL level 1 or equivalent to the Russian-taught program.

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