Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in 1930. to train engineering personnel (miners and metallurgists). Currently, the Department provides training in physics; solid state physics; concepts of modern natural science for all engineering specialties. The Department trains highly qualified specialists in postgraduate courses on Chemical Technology of fuels and high-energy substances. The department has a scientific society CARBON, where graduate students, undergraduates, students of different specialties can engage in research, participate in competitions, contests, prepare and defend cases (projects) on request of companies, ready-made projects defend in companies. Students have the opportunity to travel to participate in competitions, conferences, etc. The department annually holds two scientific and practical conferences: Applied Research in Physics; Water and Life.

Key personnel

Research projects

  • Power Engineering: development of ways to protect power lines from glaciation; laying overhead power lines in the Far North.
  • Oil production and refining: development of a method for increasing oil reservoir recovery; development of a method for extraction of rare-earth metals from formation water.
  • Construction: development and research of concrete on the basis of TPP fly ash; development of composite binders for asphalt concrete; development and research of reinforcement on the basis of basalt fiber and polymer resins.
  • Processing of production and consumption wastes: development of a method for waste-free recycling of microelectronic components; development of a method for food waste processing
  • IT-technologies: development of software for the Smart City system.
  • Green chemistry: development of diesel fuel additives based on fatty acids of tall oil.

New releases

NP Innovatsiya, LLC
The enterprise for deep processing of oil by liquid-phase catalytic cracking.
Postgraduate students of the department carry out their research on the basis of the laboratory of the enterprise, develop technological modes at the pilot plant. The results are used in the PhD thesis
Kataliz-Project, LLC
Company for development of technological processes of hydrocarbons processing. Specialists of the design bureau render great assistance to graduate students in developing a new technological process based on the results of research

Outstanding graduates

Nikolay Ishchuk
graduate of 2022