Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

More than 1700 highly qualified mine surveyors and 700 geodesists have graduated from the University for 70 years of the Department training and educational work. Many of our specialists have been taking part in the development of mineral reserve base and natural resources of the country. Department established and strengthen the business ties with major mining companies from Russia, China, Mongolia. Students of the Department can take up an exchange semester in these countries. Future engineers undertake on-the-job training at the best mining enterprises in Russia. The students can also participate in the research association "Alidade", where they get advanced knowledge of the up-to-date instruments and software in the sphere of mine surveying and geodesy. They also managed to move faster on the "career ladder".

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
5 years
Training period
5 years
Training period
Training period
3 years

Research projects

  • Development of innovative and high technology products, including import substitution (fundamentally new automated station for profiling cage hoisting mines, the world’s first laser system for pit shafts profiling in an explosion-proof casing, the monitoring system of dumptruck  loading, laser measuring system for the survey of covered storehouse (“the volume in one click”), laser 3D scanner of our own make, two types of high precision inclinometer)
  • Survey from satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Engineering and breaking ground for geodynamic polygons

  • Creation of digital models of the deposits based on laser scanning

  • Capital mine surveying work

  • Services for subsoil users “on a turn-key basis”

  • Consulting of large mining companies in terms of effective organization of  mine-surveyor service

  • Development and implementation into industry the new way of ground and underground survey

  • Development and implementation the observational technique of «Baikal tunnel» deformations

  • Monitoring of dumping grounds of MSW for municipal administration needs

New releases

Nordgold  is an international gold mining company with the amount of production over one million ounces of gold per year and running eight producing mines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso and Guinea.
Norilsk Nickel
Norilsk Nickel is the leader of the mining and metallurgical industry in Russia, one of the world's largest producers of nickel and palladium
In addition, Norilsk Nickel produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, as well as selenium, tellurium and sulfur.
The main activities of the Group's enterprises are prospecting, exploration, extraction, enrichment and processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of non-ferrous and precious metals.
Rosneft Oil Company
Rosneft is the leader of the Russian oil  industry and the largest public oil company in the world. The main activity of the company is seeking and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, oil, gas and gas condensate production, implementation of offshore development projects, extracted raw product processing, sale of oil, gas and processing products on the territory of Russia and beyond.
Polyus, Russian gold mining company
Polyus is the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the 5 leading global gold mining companies.
Polyus has the largest gold reserves in the world (proven and probable reserves according to the international classification amount to 104 million ounces) — the foundation for sustainable production growth.
The company's main enterprises are located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk and Magadan regions, as well as in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and include 5 operating mines, gold placers and a number of projects on construction and development.
PJSC Gazprom
Gazprom is a global energy company. The main activities are the following: geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sale of gas, gas condensate and oil, sale of gas as motor fuel, as well as the production and sale of heat and electricity.
PJSC Lukoil Oil Company
Lukoil is one of the largest public vertically integrated oil and gas companies, which accounts for 2%  of the world oil production and 1% of proved carbon stocks. Every day products,  energy and heat of the company are bought by millions of people from more than 100 countries, improving their life quality. More than 100 people work hard to provide an effective development of the company and its leading positions on the market.
Alrosa is a public diamond mining company. Founded in 1992, Alrosa is a world leader in diamond production, as well as the largest vertically integrated company in the industry. In 2020, the company produced 30 million carats of rough diamonds, revenue amounted to almost $ 3 billion.
Alrosa's mining assets are located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk Region.
Since its foundation, Alrosa has been paying great attention to sustainable development issues and implementing many social and environmental initiatives. In 2021, the company became a member of the UN Global Compact.
Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) is a coal and energy company based in Russia and one of the leading coal energy companies in the world, it is on of the five largest coal suppliers to the world market.
PIMaCU (Rosatom)
Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union is the largest multi-branch mining and processing company in Zabaikalsky region, it is the flagship of the Russian uranium mining industry.
THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU with its technological know-how and almost 150 year of experience is one of the leading world mining enterprises nowadays. The company offers a full range of services such as horizontal and vertical mining site.
Seligdar is a polymetallic holding. It specializes in gold and tin mining and the company is included  in the list of the largest gold mining companies of Russia.
GV Gold  – dynamically developing country with a high level of production efficiency. It is included in top 10 leading gold mining Russian enterprises. The company operates in remote regions of the country, which makes its main task the development of its production together with the improvement of the socio-economic level of each locality.
RUSAL is a leading company in the global aluminum industry, the largest producer of aluminum with a low carbon footprint. For the production of more than 90% of the company's aluminum, electricity from renewable sources is used, and the introduction of innovative and energy-saving technologies allows reducing greenhouse gas emissions at all production stages. This allowed RUSAL to be one of the first in the world to start producing "green" metal, which the company released to the market under the ALLOW brand.