Education, degrees
Geography, Irkutsk State Technical University
Continuing education
Applied Geodesy, Irkutsk State Technical University
Cadastral activity, Limited Liability Company Institute


Expert of the Irkutsk National Research Technical University. Cadastral engineer.
A.B. Shmonin, P. R. Torosyan. On the rational scheme for the transmission of elevation through the river. Angara in the area of the bridge under construction. Materials of the regional scientific-practical con-ference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the graduate school of the Irkutsk State Agricultural Acad-emy.
Plastinin L.A., Batuev A.R., Kirichenko E.V., Klevtsov E.V., Kotelnikova N.V. , Stupin V.P., Torosyan P.R. Remote sensing and ecological mapping in space monitoring of the taiga ecosystems of the Baikal region. Geography and environment. SPb. "Science",
Torosyan P.R., Kopylov A.A. On improving the accuracy of leveling on geodynamic polygons. Geodesy, cartography, land cadastre of the Baikal region. Reports of the Regional scientific-practical conference with international participation, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Roskartography and the 30th an-niversary of the Department of Engineering Geodesy and Cartography, ISTU.
Torosyan P.R. Mathematical description of the horizontal movements of the earth's crust. Collection of scientific papers. Problems of Development of the mineral base of Eastern Siberia. Fifth release.
Torosyan P.R. Using the transformation method in the analysis of horizontal deformations of the earth's crust. Modern problems of geodesy and optics. 52nd scientific and technical conference of SSCA teachers.
Torosyan P.R. Study of the geodynamics of the Tunka section of the Baikal rift zone.
Torosyan P.R. The use of rectangular coordinates Uni-versal Transverse Mercator (UTM) in topographic-geodesic and surveying works and its connection with the Gauss-Kruger projection..
Torosyan P.R., S.V. Dubovikova S.V., Grigorieva M.A. Study of the geodynamics of the Tunkinsky rift. Ma-terials of the first international conference. Specificity of territorial and natural conditions in the socio-economic development of the country.
Torosyan P.R., Kotelnikova N.V., G. Nyamdavaa, B. Oyuunhand. On the issue of using integrated infor-mation systems in the collection and processing of spatial data. Journal of Geographical Review of Mongolia.
Torosyan P.R., G. Nyamdavaa, B. Oyunhand, B. Bolormaa. Geodetic system of Mongolia as a basis for integration of spatial data into GIS. Specificity of territorial and natural conditions in the socio-economic development of the country. materials of the second international conference.