Department of Mining Machines and Electromechanical Systems

The Department of Mining Machines and Electromechanical Systems traces its history back to 1932, when the Department of "Mining Mechanics" of the Irkutsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute was established. The Department has in its structure 3 lecture halls, 6 educational laboratories, educational and research laboratory for reliability management of electromechanical equipment, educational and research laboratory for modeling and analysis of electromechanical systems in the mining industry.

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
5 years
Training period
5 years

Research projects

  • Improving the reliability of mining machinery and equipment in cold climate regions
  • Intensification of drilling blast wells in the quarries of the North and Siberia
  • Modeling and analysis of electromechanical systems in the mining industry

New releases

Alrosa is a public diamond mining company. Founded in 1992, Alrosa is a world leader in diamond production, as well as the largest vertically integrated company in the industry. In 2020, the company produced 30 million carats of rough diamonds, revenue amounted to almost $ 3 billion.
Alrosa's mining assets are located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Arkhangelsk Region.
Since its foundation, Alrosa has been paying great attention to sustainable development issues and implementing many social and environmental initiatives. In 2021, the company became a member of the UN Global Compact.
VostSibUgol Company
"Vostsibugol" today is a powerful resource base, transport enterprises, repair plant and processing plant. This is a professional team of five thousand employees. The enterprise consists of seven sections on operational management — Mugunsky, Azeysky, Tulunsky, Cheremkhovsky, Golovinsky, Irbeysky, Vereinsky. About 85% of coal is consumed by the main "power engineer" of the Irkutsk region, OAO Irkutskenergo. The products are supplied to enterprises of the Angara region, as well as neighboring regions. The capacity and production level allow the company to enter the international market.
Norilsk Nickel
Norilsk Nickel is the leader of the mining and metallurgical industry in Russia, one of the world's largest producers of nickel and palladium
In addition, Norilsk Nickel produces cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, as well as selenium, tellurium and sulfur.
The main activities of the Group's enterprises are prospecting, exploration, extraction, enrichment and processing of minerals, production, marketing and sale of non-ferrous and precious metals.

Outstanding graduates

Mikhail Korniakov
Irkutsk National Research Technical University / Rector
graduate of 1997
Igor Zyryanov
North-Eastern Federal University / Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
graduate of 1984